Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ah! Glorious Gardens - Open Days Program

Sonsini Garden
Edgewood Garden
Open Days Program
Bernard Trainor/Jason Liske
Jocelyn Knight
Don Boos

The Hothem Garden

The Garden Conservancy's Open Day Program
Link to Open Days below

Garden at Paradise Drive

Valhalla Farms

An Atherton Garden

It's that time of year, as the Open Days Program of The Garden Conservancy kicks off, providing entree to 300 private gardens, spread-out over 23 states. 

On view: the work of visionary designers and the dedicated garden hosts who take pleasure in sharing their personal sanctuaries. Expect a refreshing variety of innovative styles and traditions, from sleek architectural designs to a focus on sinuous, organic shapes, or a finely detailed formality.

Garden schemes may braid together exuberant plant collections, illuminate the perfect placement of ornaments, or reveal structured displays where graceful terraces give way to breath-taking views. 

It may be difficult to prey yourself away from the artistry of these arcadian retreats, where the "garden maker..... collaborates with nature to create their own personal paradise here on earth," as Diane Turner, publisher of Garden Design magazine, says in the Foreword to the Open Days Directory.

The first date in the 2009 Calendar is April 18 in Birmingham, Alabama. You can order an Open Days Directory, and view the 2009 schedule of events, at: 

The Garden Conservancy is a wonderful organization, deserving of the gardening community's support. Visit the web site to learn more about preservation projects, lectures/seminars, and upcoming events.

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  1. Hi Alice, what gorgeous spots you have shown. I believe there are some gardens near me in TN on that list, I have checked it before but never gone to see them. What a wonderful way to preserve these specials places. Win win win. :-)

  2. Oh how I wish I could visit these gorgeous gardens! They all look so interesting and different.

    Will you be posting on any of them, Alice?

  3. Frances, if there's an Open Days in your area, I think you'd greatly enjoy those garden forays. And public gardens are also involved in the program.

    Phoenix, I try to take advantage of the Open Days to visit as many gardens as possible, except when my schedule prevents me from doing so.

  4. I am off to check if Idaho has any wonderful gardens to visit. I would love to see some of these places. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Delightful photos of beautiful places, Alice. Someday!

  6. What beautiful pictures! Love the turtles :-)
    Our local public garden in Spokane is Manito Park. We enjoy visiting the rose & perennial gardens, and the greenhouse does a great light show at Christmas. I need to get to the lilac garden while it's in bloom this spring.

  7. I do like these - what great gardens.

  8. great gardens Alice - I particularly like the tortoise plants in Hothem Gardens. Cute, different and funny. One day I dream of travelling all over the world looking at gardens. We have open gardens here too. cheers, catmint

  9. Wow, gorgeous photos. I'm not usually the biggest fan of topiaries but those turtles are adorable.

  10. Alice Makes me think I really nust get out to visit more gardens this year.


  11. Wow, Alice! Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I've done Open Studio Art Tours, but never done a Open Garden Tour before. I will make a point to explore now.

  12. I love the Testa Vought garden - it looks beautiful! And looks like it would suit our climate too. How can I sign up for your job? Travelling around and looking at gardens and then writing about them...sounds good to me!

  13. You know you're a plant geek when you start recognizing gardens you've seen photographed in Sunset, Pacific Horticulture, etc...