Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Tapestry of Succulents - Saxon Holt Exhibition, The Late Show Gardens

Sempervivum 'Faramir'

Saxon Holt's alluring images of plants and garden design are familiar to enthusiasts,
and aficionados of his books, including

Hardy Succulents: Tough Plants for Every Climate

by Gwen Moore Kelaidis with photographs by Saxon Holt
(Storey Publishing, 2008)

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

Saxon spoke with me about the theme for his upcoming exhibition, to be installed in the Barn at Cornerstone Sonoma during the September event: The Late Show Gardens
"The Green Wall ... is a tapestry exhibit of large canvas prints from the Hardy Succulents book; a play on the current interest in green roofs, many of which use succulents."

Aloe polyphylla - Spiral Aloe - Photos by Saxon Holt -


  1. I absolutely cannot wait to attend this sure-to-be-fantastic show (and to, perhaps, finally meet you in person?).... Thanks for posting this reminder and info on Saxon Holt - one of the gurus of succulent photography!!

  2. Rebecca, It's the count-down to show time and I, too, can't wait to attend! Do hope we can arrange to meet. Let's stay connected on twitter & FB my South Bay (or is it Peninsula?) co-hort!

  3. Wow......Alice, you simply have to post some pics of that show, pulease. I have always had a love affair with succulents, and for the best of reasons, too. Not water hogs at all and gorgeous blooms - they have it all. I can only imagine what a committed artist could do with them.

  4. It s fantastic to see a blog which combines travel and gardneing. Love it!

  5. Hey Alice,
    Great photos by Saxon.
    I love his work and I'm always giddy with delight if he is chosen to photograph one of my projects for a magazine.

    Maybe we will bump into one another at The Late Show.

    It is going to be like old home week for me during that time.
    So many friends participating in the show , all of them incredibly talented.

    Another photographer that will be at the show is Marion Brenner.
    She is INCREDIBLE !, and is preparing a talk for Friday.
    All of the photos that are featured on the Late Show Brochure were taken by Marion and about half of them were taken in my garden by her.

    Hope to bump into you.
    Have a fantastic time !
    Michelle Derviss

  6. Michelle,
    Likewise, I hope we finally meet!
    I'm feeling the same way about the show, anticipating great talks by savvy luminaries & friends like Marion Brenner and Sean Hogan. I'm getting more anxious by the day to see the show gardens created by the roster of talented artists.
    I didn't realize that many of the LSG images were taken in your garden. Hmmmmmm, one of these days I may pop up on your doorstep!

  7. Hi Alice,
    It was equally a surprise to me that photos of my garden were published in the LSG brochure.
    I found out when at the check out stand at a local nursery and noticed the brochure with my garden on the cover.

    A bit of a long and not so tasteful story that I might share with you if we meet up at the show.


  8. I just live on the wrong side of the country. *sigh*

  9. Michelle,
    One of those situations where a 'garden' & its deviant designer did not receive credit? Do tell me the story...........!

    How about putting your 'little acre' on a flatbed truck and relocating it :~D

  10. If that flatbed swings by Toronto, perhaps we can add our Microgardens to the load. Mind you, judging by the stories with these tags, we might feel a bit sheepish were people to actually see them. Sort of like coming to the door in curlers. When people used to wear curlers. Never me, though. Naturally.

    Looks like a wonderful show.

  11. Helen,
    Look for that flatbed to appear in Toronto one of these days when you least expect it! I'll be behind the wheel: No curlers, No hairspray! Maybe lipstick. Can't drive a semi without a little make-up.