Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Blotanical Realm

Dry Creek Bed in Wine Country
Rusted artifact photographed at Alcatraz Gardens
And so begins a series on the realm of - A web site created by Stuart Robinson of Western Australia. A virtual place where countless garden bloggers make connections with like-minded friends. A sphere where social interaction is based upon a love of gardening, landscape design, and the wonders of the natural world.
And so I present....
A blog about the gardens of Toronto - real gardens by real people
by Helen Battersby and Sarah Battersby.
The May 5th feature has me pondering the topic: Texture
... thus, the photos chosen to illustrate this post.
I admire the aesthetic sensibility of these blogging sisters,
their artistic proclivities, and intelligent approach to life.
While we are connected via social media, I hope one day to count them as friends in real life.
Hats off to you both, mes amies, my fair Canadian cohorts!


  1. Holy smoke, thanks for the tribute, Alice. We're very honoured, and also very much anticipating our eventual face-to-face. Cheers, ma belle... which I suppose is a characteristically Canadian way to return the salute.

  2. Alice:
    A wonderful choice, as Sarah and Helen are two of my favourite compatriots here in Canada. I love their unique writing style, and their topics are always thought inspiring!

  3. Hi Alice- happy spring! Anxious to catch up with all I have been missing. Sarah and Helen's garden looks like a magical place to visit.

  4. Thanks for the introduction, it's a bit like an Amazon link saying 'If you like me.., you'll like them..' best way to browse and I'm now going to have a look!

  5. Alice, What a lovely idea to feature Blotanical folks. This is a great way for me to learn about sites I have not previously visited. Great first choice. Pam