Friday, January 20, 2012

Fabulous Tour: Mallorca & Menorca

The Pacific Horticulture Foundation is offering a wonderful tour highlighting the gardens, cuisine, and art of Mallorca and Menorca, escorted by Katherine Greenberg.

Photo © Courtesy Katherine Greenberg
For more information...
visit the 'Tours' page on the Pacific Horticulture web site, and click on 

There are a few spots open as I post this announcement.
 What an incredible experience of the Balearic Islands this tour promises to be!


  1. That fountain is beautiful! I would imagine it is very peaceful there as well.

  2. Hello SB,
    Serene to be sure.... Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Dear AA you are forever in different places. The global gallop. Can you recommend me horticultural delights in Istamboul by any chance?

  4. Hello Catharine,
    I should have some info on Istanbul but not for a while. Sorry! Have a brilliant trip if you're on your way...

  5. Welcome to my blog and many thanks for so kind comment!
    Your photos are fantastic!!! I love so much the flowers, the gardens!
    Best regards

  6. I remember a long ago trip to Ibiza, when the very first nightclub was being built and my jeans were laced with rawhide and I weighed 98 pounds and blew smoke rings (we won't say what kind) on the ferry from Valencia...