Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mt. Tam at Dusk .. Marin County

As the 4th anniversary of blogging on Bay Area Tendrils approaches, 
I'm considering how to commemorate the occasion. Leave a comment if you have any ideas...
View of Mt. Tamalpais at Dusk 
An iPhone photo that lacks a crisp focus, but thought I'd share it regardless.
Our 'mountain' in Marin County may not be very high, but it's a beloved landmark with a profile that can't be missed.


  1. Hi Alice, You so rarely blog these days!! Have you disappeared onto Faceboook like everyone else? I need at least weekly updates of your sophisticated and inspiring garden views in 2013. All the best for the Festive Season.
    cheers Ian Percy

    1. You are a dear, Ian!
      And so right. Rarely blogging here on Bay Area Tendrils, but have posted a bevy of Italian gardens on ;-) Although things are silent there these days, as well.
      And yes, I admit to having become very active on Facebook.
      What does the future hold for us!!
      Cheers back at you!!

  2. I miss my often weekly visits to Mt Tam, Muir Woods and the coastline.

    1. Hi Reed
      Thanks for visiting if only virtually.
      I miss the french fried clams I loved so much when traveling coastal towns Massachusetts!
      Do they have them in your area?

  3. I rather like the idea of the blog's author selecting the best from your past blog posts and repostIng them in one place. A celebration of your best that YOU select.

    1. That's a great idea, Swimray,
      I'll think about how it might be possible to do so.

  4. Many bloggers commemorate their blogging anniversary with a giveaway. I've never done that on my blogaversary (in fact, I forgot mine last summer) but I think it's a fun thing. Perhaps easier is just to do a post on what blogging has given you over the 4 years. btw, love your blog!

    1. Jean,
      As the years fly by it's easy to forget when the blogging began.
      I had better get to work on the post;-] or the date will pass without realizing it...

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