Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Return to Valencia: Great food, architecture & gardens

Turia Gardens - Photo Courtesy Turismo Valencia

La Lola
 Calatrava's L'Umbracle    Photo © Alice Joyce
The City of Arts & Sciences awaits.  But there's little time to post today.
Look to the locator map to place Valencia on Spain's east coast. 

I'm also passing along a recommendation for a great meal at La Lola: terrifically hip, in an atmospheric locale - the old quarter's Barrio del Carmen.
www.lalolarestaurante.com to see a menu, contact details and directions.


  1. The Palms under the Umbracle look simply stunning!

  2. It looks like you're having a good time in Spain. I enjoyed looking at all your pics on this page.

    Welcome to blotanical!

  3. Hello~

    Gorgeous garden photos all over your blog! A treat for my eyes!
    I'm adding you to my list!

  4. Very nice blog! How lucky you are to be able to travel like this and see such wonderful sights!