Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stormy Sunday - Spring Plants... Preview

Winter storms....   Looking toward Spring

New Cultivars...... Dramatic Accents
Sambucus nigra 'Black Lace'
Font size
Aristolochia californica
Unusual Natives

  Aquilegia v. 'Lime Frost'
Tried and True Perennials
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  1. Beautiful pics Alice. I really like that Prostanthera.


  2. Beautiful beautiful! I love to see new plants!

  3. Alice:
    I am totally in love with the gorgeous blue Aquilegia v 'Lime Frost' and have to add it to my 'Wish List 2009.' It is absolutely stunning!

    PS- I had an error message today on the music player, I am wondering if this is when you were trying to log in.... I have reduced the number of songs. Let me know if its still happening and I will get rid of the player.... more important that garden friends are able to come and visit me.... I can always hum to myself if I need a musical interlude.....

  4. Hi Alice,
    thanks for the welcome message on blotanical.
    Have loved reading through your blog, but have a real soft spot for the red leaved sambucus, so was lovely to see such a great photo of it.

    P x

  5. Thanks for the comment. love your pictures

  6. Hi Alice - What a fabulous colour that Aquilegia is
    Having trouble leaving a comment - so have done this through blogger
    Karen - An Artist's Garden

  7. Teza, the problem seems to be resolved!
    To all my fellow plant geeks, thanks for dropping by to view a few of my garden's treasures.

  8. Hi Alice, I'm wondering if the Aquilegia is anything like A. v. 'Woodside Strain'? The flowers are a deep purple but it's the foliage that is so stunning. It reseeds nicely and easily and now I've got several clumps. Also I have a Prostanthera rotundifolia. It died back to the ground thanks to this year's cold but still has green at the cambium level, whew! Love your picture of P. ovalifolia. I want, I want. Beautiful photos. I hear you have some pretty drastic weather going on down there. I hope it passes soon.