Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valencia, Spain - Botanical Garden

Images from the Botanical Garden of  Valencia University (Jardi Botanic)
In the days ahead I'll be sharing my impressions of Valencia.  I was, in large part, drawn to this coastal city because of Santiago Calatrava, architect and native son.

Valencia, Spain...
Calatrava's buildings and bridges have garnered praise and sparked controversy worldwide. And he has been instrumental in putting Valencia 'on the map' with his recently completed buildings that make up the City of Arts and Sciences.  (Much more will follow on this stunning complex & the Turia Gardensanother must-see destination.)

In the same way that Frank Gehry brought Bilbao to life, when his breathtaking design for the Guggenheim Museum began to attract pilgrims among the cognoscenti of art and architecture, and soon after, the pilgrimages of everyday tourists, Calatrava has put his mark on Valencia.
Today I offer a peek inside Valencia's botanical garden, located in the city center, with fine collections of palm trees, succulents, native flora, and shade house known as l'umbracle.


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  2. That greenhouse has a most inviting look about it. I wish I were there !