Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brooklyn Botanic Garden - A Springtime Stroll

A springtime stroll .... the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Slipper orchids and shooting stars were among the beguiling wildflowers that had emerged in the garden, which opened for the season on April 1st. 

My early-May sojourn to New York City coincided with the finale of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's exquisite displays of flowering cherries: a highlight of the garden during April in the Cherry Esplanade, Japanese Garden, and Daffodil Hill area. Around and about, cherries were still blooming as I rambled through the gardens with Scot Medbury, the President (and former director of the San Francisco Botanical Garden/Conservatory of Flowers).

Photos © Alice Joyce

The fallen petals floating on the pond were as captivating to my eye as the bounteous, blowsy blossoms themselves. Then too, there with fragrant lilacs, exuberant azaleas, and peonies to enjoy. A wisteria-draped pergola signaled the coming to life of the Cranford Rose Garden.

Spring seems to demonstrate a special kind of magic in the green haven of a woodland, and I found it difficult to tear myself away from the confines of the BBG's 2-acre Native Flora Garden, a section dating to 1911. (Visit the web site for background and history on this garden, and all other plant collections at: )

In an upcoming post, the garden will be explored in more depth, when I feature the photographs of Uli Lorimer, curator of the BBG's Native Flora Garden.


  1. Alice:
    I share in revelling in the sight of Dodecatheon and Cypripedium - the 'shooting stars' will beat the 'Lady's Slippers' in blooming in my garden this year. I must check for the 'alba' shooting stars, mine are magenta! Thanks for visiting, and the 'reminder' of how small my space really is. It's too easy to get carried away sometimes!

  2. So inspiring... thank you for making my evening filled with dreams. I would love to be able to create some beds / gardens like that! FABULOUS!

    Enjoy your weekend dear Garden Friend.

  3. What a great place, I mentally strolled in the pictures.

  4. What a gorgeous assortment of plants, Alice. The ladyslipper is one of my all-time favorite North American flowering plants even though I've seen very few of them.

  5. It really is amazing to see plants respond to spring's warmth and lengthening daylight. It seems like overnight everything has yawned and stretched out of dormancy. Beautiful photos, Alice, especially that peony. (Gimme, gimme!)

  6. Didn't know Brooklyn had a Botanic Garden.
    My husband should have told me that...he grew up in Queens.
    Thanks for the I have to go there!

  7. How lovely! Its fun to 'visit' other gardens through your blog, what a wonderful time you must be having! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, Alice.

  8. I was oogling that tree peony in the first picture; an Itoh peony was trying to get me to take it home today from a nursery, but I just resisted. So far, anyway...
    My dodecatheon is the pink one, but I think the white would also look good in my garden. Oh, look what you've done..talked me into getting more plants!

  9. As if we needed another reason to visit NYC (and Brooklyn!) -- thanks for the teaser. Looking forward to the next installment.

  10. The wisteria is beautiful! I'll have to add a trip to Brooklyn to the itinerary next time I'm in NYC. Have a great Memorial Day!

  11. What a lovely garden, I like your mix of closeup pics and large vistas.