Saturday, May 2, 2009

Garden Ornaments Part 2: Destination, Cornerstone Sonoma

A New Leaf Gallery - Contemporary Sculpture
 Sally Russell 'Totems'
Shops... Wine Tasting .... Sonoma Valley Visitors Center

.... Garden Installations ....
appearing on Bay Area Tendrils in the weeks ahead

Artefact Design & Salvage

Cornerstone Sonoma Event Space designed by Ron Lutsko, Lutsko Associates
Arbor draped in the fragrant blooms of Rosa 'Sombreuil'

Objects, Ornaments and Treasures - Artefact Design and Salvage

Resin Buddha - Zipper
Cornerstone Sonoma - 23570 Highway 121 (Arnold Drive) - Sonoma, CA

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  1. I hope Cornerstone is paying you for all this free advertising.

  2. What a fun place to visit! I love to look at new ideas from someone far more artistic in design than I am.

  3. To my Anonymous visitor:
    I have not blocked your comment, but rather, gladly state to readers of BayAreaTendrils that I have not received payment in any form.

    Ads on the site are clearly marked as such.

    For more than a decade I've been writing on garden travel for magazines, newspapers, travel guides, and now, online at Bay Area Tendrils.

    When I feature a garden setting (or a hotel or restaurant) that I have enjoyed, I share the information in the belief that it will be of interest to my gardening cohorts, and to travelers from near and far.

    I'll soon be writing about Cornerstone's garden installations, which were the basis for the enterprise when it opened.... and my main area of interest.

    But the shops are high quality and fun, and I'm happy to mention them.
    The cafe is a great place to stop for lunch in wine country & the Sonoma Visitors Center offers brochures and travel info for the region.

    Also, I neglected to mention, it's a family-friendly place, with gardens that kids greatly enjoy exploring.

    Admission is no longer charged, so anyone can stop here, and walk through the gardens & installations, unless a special event is in progress.

    Thanks for your comment - I'm reminded that a note should be added to the sidebar of Bay Area Tendrils - a note that explains my policy of not accepting payment for a post.

    Perhaps you might leave your name and identify yourself.

  4. Hi Alice, that was a very polite and thorough explanation to a less than polite comment. Kudos to you for making things clear. I appreciate hearing about interesting shops, restaurants, nurseries, etc. and recommend ones I like also. One of the good things about blogs, passing along of good and useful information. The spot looks wonderful and I look forward to seeing more about the gardens too.

  5. What a cool place. I really like the Buddha. Thanks for all the kind words, btw. Very sweet of you! I think I'm back in action now ...

  6. I'm glad that you're sharing the places you enjoy, whether they're public gardens or stores with interesting merchandise. I've gushed about interesting nurseries, so why can't you be enthusiastic over a place to find unique things for the garden?

  7. A fun place to visit, and the Sombreuil was divine (I had one once, but it never got like that.)

    I guess online it is important to outright state when you are reviewing for pay and when not, because so many people do write reviews for pay. To those of us who aren't interested in giving credit to places we don't really like, this may seem obvious, but increasing commercial opportunities for people to do reviews for money does confuse the situation.

  8. That's a good article.I joyed read this. The design of the garden is so beautiful.