Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Australians, Part ll - A Seminar

Correa 'Carmine Bells' growing in my garden
and Banksia species photographed at University of California Santa Cruz Arboretum
Photos © Alice Joyce

The Australians Part llA Seminar Presented by The Garden Conservancy and The Ruth Bancroft Garden

Visit .. Bay Area Tendrils for further details.

Refreshing Your Australian Repertoire:
How to mix exciting and appropriate Australian native plants in Bay Area Gardens

Friday, July 10, 2009, Civic Arts Education Center, Shadelands Campus in Walnut Creek
and a Study Tour on Saturday, July 11, 2009.


  1. I am starting to explore some Australians also....I have a dusky bells Correa, Banksia spinilosa 'SchnapperPoint' & several Leptospermum including Lepto 'Dark Shadows' a small tree form with larger dark purple leaves & white bloom in summer. We have a great Australian nursery here in Ventura County that I am planning on featuring in a future pot.

  2. I do like that Correa, very pretty flowers.

  3. Hi Alice~~ My Correa blooms in the winter. I would love to have a late spring blooming Correa but since 400 other plants are in bloom right now I shouldn't complain. LOL.

  4. Susie, Wish I had room for Bansias & Leptospurmum. Can I admit to being envious :) btw, look forward to hearing 'bout Ventura County nursery.
    I was told about one that had largest offerings of Australians in California.

    Hermes, the Correa flowers are a very appealing addition to the garden,

    and Grace, mine is winter-blooming, too. I, too, miss the flowers when it ceases to produce them as the weather warms. But we really must not complain. This IS such a great time of year in the garden!
    Cheers, Alice

  5. Hi Alice
    It's interesting hearing gardeners talking about Aust Natives outside of Australia. SchnapperPoint is a name I haven't heard of before. I came across a grevillea called "noellii" as well the other the other day on a US blog that I hadn't heard of before. Great photo of Banksia Baueri, did you know that there are lots of dwarf banksias as well like Mini Marg, Birthday Candles, Honey Pots and a few others that grow well in pots. Banksias such as Serrata and Integrifolia also make great bonsai specimens.
    Cheers Michael

  6. Hi Michael, Great hearing from Autstralia. I grow Grevillea noellii. The Grevilleas are fab plants for this area, low water and basically deer resistant. And winter blooming for hummingbirds, right outside my office window! I'm not familiar with dwarf Banksias, so thanks for that tip. Best to you! Alice