Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chelsea Physic Garden Vignette

Lavatera arborea 'Variegata'  
Velvet tree mallow
Photographed at the Chelsea Physic Garden, London
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  1. I used to go to Chelsea Physic Garden for Environmental Education Committee meetings about 10 years ago. It's an inspirational place.

  2. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog! You must get over to see the north part of Wales some time, it's incredible! And lots of wonderful gardens too.

  3. Another add for the ever-expanding wishlist. Thanks for posting!

  4. The Chelsea Physic Garden is one of my dream gardens to visit. And I love that variegated lavatera; I used to be kind of anti-variegation but I'm being won over, and this is one plant that's doing it.

  5. One of my garden-visiting dreams; so much history and variety. Speaking of variety, like the variegated lavatera.

  6. Hi I had a very memorable trip to the Chelsea physic garden a few years ago. It was a garden I had wanted to see and never made time. It was well worth the trip.
    What made it special for me was that my Dad who is now 88 was a pharmacist, old school of making medicines rather than getting a packet off the shelf. Dad still had a good memory of his background and talked about many of the plants and their uses and then further developments over time into synthetic preparations. Yes there are signs in one area which give information but the extra knowledge Dad was able to impart made it even more interesting.

  7. VP, I, too, found Chelsea Physic Garden inspirational. It's one of those places you hear about, and feel so fortunate to finally be able to visit.

    Emma, I do believe I should prioritize a visit to Wales. I wonder if it would be possible to plan a journey by rail?

    Andrew, my wishlist seems to grow ever longer!

    PB, the garden is so rich with history. And I have to say, the Chelsea neighborhood feels like a second home, which I adore. There was a small, inexpensive hotel where I'd always stay, but they closed for renovations. I'm waiting to see it they reopen, and if so, will it be $$$.

    Joanne, How wonderful to be able to visit with your father, and have such a special tour! Alice