Monday, July 6, 2009

The Late Show Gardens - September in Sonoma


Photos Courtesy of the Artist,
Stephen Glassman

The Late Show Gardens at Cornerstone Sonoma

September 18, 19 & 20, 2009

Contemplative and confrontational, words used to describe White Tail Plaza in Los Angeles, a recently completed project by Stephen Glassman.

I'm excitedly looking forward to seeing one of Glassman's sculptural installations in-person at The Late Show Gardens event, to be held in September at Cornerstone Sonoma.

In talking with Glassman about his process and about working with bamboo, he mentions how "everything comes from drawing... drawing is free from gravity... it's all about the relationship between control and accident. Bamboo allows me to do that on a large architectural scale."

In addition to work created in his studio, and exhibited in galleries, Glassman has always worked on the street. In the early 1990s, he created large-scale freeform structural bamboo installations in devastated urban sites around Los Angeles, following the Rodney King Riots, Malibu Fires and Northridge Quake.

These lyrical works emerged as symbols of resiliency. More about Glassman's public projects & collaborations at:

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To read more, click here: The Late Show Gardens
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  1. Very groovy. And looking right at home in that artsy Los Angeles neighborhood. (ironic humor)

  2. I like how the first piece isn't what I'd call a typically "pretty" piece of "garden art." It's a nice surprise.

  3. Hey Chuck, it'd be fun to see/meet you at The Late Show! I'm entranced by Stephen's installations... groovy for sure.

    James/ll, Yes, the first is truly specific to its site, interacting with the tree.
    While 'Shime' is lyrical and lovely.


  4. So cool. We need more of these types of installations in the staid and traditional East. Maybe they're here and I just can't find them...thanks.

  5. Now it gives me idea about the other dimension of bamboo, being the medium to express artistic feeling in gardens!.. I have been treating bamboo in a very functional manner, as trellis and screen to reduce sunlight.. Very interesting post.
    ~ bangchik

  6. Very fun! I love yard art, this kind of takes it to the whole next level!

  7. I love Shime. I've got loads of bamboo in my garden - I wish I could work out how to turn it into sculpture...

  8. The second-to-last photo is very pretty. It's interesting to see how creative others can be with the garden.

  9. Thanks for the introduction to this work! Another reason to make it down to LA!

  10. As with other commenters, I'd only gotten to the edge of thinking about bamboo artistically. Always great to have the eyes opened to new possibilities. What will you have here next, Alice?

  11. Susan, I expect there are New York area artists working in ways that relate to Stephen's structures, but his oeuvre is outstanding. I find the work quite moving.

    Bangchik and Heather, Bamboo is a wonderfully functional material, yet Stephen works with its most expressive aspects.

    Victoria and VW, I love Shime, too. It's a beautifully realized form.

    UFG, Definitely a trip to L.A. next year. I want to see Stephen's plaza!

    PB, I'm anticipating sharing my visit to the Alchemist's Garden in Provence! A very special place.... Alice

  12. Excellent post Alice! I would love to see Glassman's work in person.

  13. Hmmm. I've never heard of him. What an interesting installation. Maybe we'll get out there. . .

  14. Those are seriously beautiful. Bamboo is so versatile... amazing medium!

  15. Red & Stef, How great it would be if we could rendevous at The Late Show ...And see Stephen's work, too!

    Chloe, my new fb friend, your words are dead-on the mark.