Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Listening to Trees ... Marc Nucera Le Sculpteur d'Arbres

Marc Nucera - Sculpteur en Arbre  
(Tree Sculptor)

A l'ecoute des arbres  (Listening to Trees)
Actes Sud, May, 2009
Aline Dautresme photographs/Anne Hauben text

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  1. Incredibly beautiful. That's all I can say.

  2. GG
    ...and PB,

    Do believe you are both kindred spirits!

  3. We used to say when the trees on the horizon were being blown back and forth from wild weather that they were screaming banshees.

  4. Janet
    A colorful image to conjure up! I've heard the term, 'screaming banshees', but not for tumultuous trees in wild weather. Wonder where it originated?

  5. I do not know if we ( a group of four 'twenty-somethings') made it up while on a long car ride and a lot of silliness or if it came from someone's family. Stilluse the term though.

  6. Beautiful photographs! Landscape is beautiful art...

  7. Wow that is gorgeous. What a great idea. Windswept trees.

  8. Janet, Still serves you well, I'm sure!

    Amy, The new book of Marc's work is certain to be filled with beautiful and moving photos. This work of Marc's seems to personify 'landscape'.

    Kate and Tatyana,
    The image reverberates in my mind's eye more each day. Wish I had seen this one in-person!

  9. where can you purchase Marc Nucera listening to trees book here in the states?