Friday, August 7, 2009

San Francisco Botanical Garden Vignettes

Leucodendron argenteum - Silver tree - South African Garden
Endangered in its native habitat of Cape Province
Photos © Alice Joyce
Himalayan Blue Bamboo - Entry Garden
Vignettes from a stroll through the San Francisco Botanical Garden

New Rhododendron Pavilion - stonework by Edwin Hamilton

Elegia capensis - above - Library Terrace Garden
Entry Garden plantings - below
Photos © Alice Joyce

New Zealand Garden - below - Norfolk Island Pine

Eastern Australia Garden - below - Reed Madden Design, Sculptural Wall

Photos © Alice Joyce

Oxalis deppei 'Iron Cross'
Native to Mexico, North America

Faux flower - Entry Garden


  1. Ah, it's one of my most favorite places in the world. Thanks for the reminder, I really have to get up there!

  2. Gee, those California poppies seem to last forever!

  3. We'll be in S.F. in Nov....can't wait to visit the Botanical Garden. The stonework in the Rhodie pavillion is exquisite.....& I adore the poppy sculpture.

  4. Wow, it looks really different from how I remember it! Spent many a peaceful moment in Strybing. One of my favorite places on earth, yet I sometimes forget to visit there when I'm on a whirlwind return trip. Thanks for showing some of the new stuff! Lovely, all.

  5. Lovely! I have very very happy memories of a day spent at the Botanical Garden with a very old friend.Thank you for bringing back memories,and giving me an excuse-the new Rhododendron Pavillion- to go back ;-)

  6. Thank you for the appetizer Alice! We will be in SF in September and can't wait to visit these gardens. BTW yes - I do (occasionally) visit Botanical and get your messages, thank you!

  7. Nice tour.
    The bamboo stem is very spectacular, with red color but the name is Himalayan BLUE bamboo. Interesting.

  8. love the Faux flower - have never seen it before. It almost looks as if it's made of wax. Could that be why it's a "faux" flower :)

    I haven't been in SUCH a long time (you will know when I go, because I will BEG you to come along with me!) and my appetite is being totally stimulated by these yummy pics! The stonework is very appealing in both the Rhodie Pavillion and the Australian Garden - it makes me want to build something that winds and curls.
    I've always found the entry garden so inspirational - so structured and playful at the same time!
    Thanks for another wonderful voyage!XOXO!

  10. TM, It is a special place and we're so fortunate to be able to enjoy it.

    Helen, for some strange reason, this poppy doesn't close at sunset!

    Susie, Lucky you to be visiting S.F. Be sure to look for Edwin Hamilton's stonework in the library garden, too.

    Karen, There's much that is new at SFBG, enough to merit a detour when in town. Have a wonderful journey.

    mecg, I have fond memories also of my first visit to the Botanical Garden - the first time I touched down on California soil.
    The Rhodie Pavilion should be filling in nicely when you next visit :)

    dg, let me know if you need any more ideas for garden visits! SF in September is a lovely time of year.

    Bangchik, this species of bamboo has a hypnotic effect, with its myriad hues. Delectable.....

    SS, the flower is quite large + eye-catching, needless to say. A bright note at the entrance to the garden.

    Germi, I'll look forward to seeing the design that emerges from your mind's eye, when it has 'germinated' for a sufficient length of time!
    Aren't we drawn over and over to elements that wind and curve, drawing us in to become part of the garden. The curving path through the Entry Garden is a perfect example.

    Thanks, everyone, for stopping by.

  11. I love botanical gardens, we have one in Bath, in Victoria Park, nothing like as exotic as this one however, but still not bad considering it is Victorian in origin!

  12. Silver tree is from the Western Cape. They have divided the Cape up into East, West and North, while you weren't looking. Most of the wild silver trees are concentrated on the Camps Bay slope of Lion's Head and we had a very bad wild fire some years ago. Some trees have survived. It is part of the Protea family.