Friday, September 18, 2009

The Late Show Gardens ... An Elegant Entryway


Designed by Gary Ratway and Mike Lucas

Entryway to... The Late Show Gardens

Massive, crushed gasoline tanks - the ultimate discarded salvage material - emerge as components in the show's elegant entryway design. The designers transform propane tank end cuts into shapely planters filled with billowy grasses.

The grid-like arrangement creates a calculated repetition that effectively
guides visitors at the entrance to the show.

Aligned in a soothing linear pattern, spheres of clipped box give rise to exuberant grasses, flowering perennials, and languid vines.

I loved this thoughtful, sophisticated design that so inventively combines the harsh material of rusted steel with the gem-like emerald green shrubs, and  thesoft hues and blousy textures of the grasses. 

Moving beyond beauty, the designers' statement speaks to the planting of "masses of grasses (in the crushed tanks) which bio-remediate contaminated soils." 
Their "fusion of high design and principals of sustainability,"
a complete success from my point of view!



    I LOVE!!!

    This design could make me love buxus! Are those box? J'ADORE rusted steel and tough, macho material in gardens!


  2. Hi AA~~ I completely concur! Not just a bunch of junk tossed about but very creatively integrated within the wisely thought out plant choices. I love rusty metal but never know quite how to design with it. I'll have to keep this post or reference. :]

  3. Grace, It's not far-fetched to think about integrating salvaged materials into our landscapes, or using drought-tolerant plants. We're all going to have to make changes. I love rusty metal too!!

  4. Absolutely love it! The curving, rusted gas tanks are superb. I would love to see this in person~~your photos are great, but this I want to get close to! These are the days I wish I had taken the welding class!

  5. It's so satisfying to go to a garden design show and feel like you've seen arangement you really like. THanks for your post.

  6. The rusting metal goes so well with the plantings. I like the way the folded metal looks like cloth dropped onto the ground, with folds and creases.

  7. Thank you, Alice. Between you and Michelle over at Garden Porn I'm getting an excellent idea of what I will see when I visit in February. What is you take on the ice/glacier wall?

  8. I love it...who would have thought to use propane tank end cuts. Pretty clever idea and it really looks nice! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Beautiful! I'm so glad you're giving us some glimpses of this show.