Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Planting Party - Drought Tolerant Plants, Annie's Annuals!

Digitalis obscura
Digitalis obscura 
A drought tolerant foxglove from Spain, growing 2 feet by 2 feet.  
I love the rusty orange flowers of this gorgeous specimen for sun or "a bit of shade."
Plant in lean soil: hardy in Zones 4 - 10.
A personal favorite, Philadelphus mexicanus 'Flore Plena'
A charming, fragrant heirloom shrub: Spring bloomer that often flowers again in Fall. 
Plant in sun to part-shade; low to average water.

Fall planting ideas: Drought-Tolerant & Low-Water Shrubs & Tender Perennials.
Inspired by my recent visit to Annie's Annuals. 
Annie Hayes 
at this year's Fall Planting Party in Richmond, California.
The Bay Area wouldn’t be the same without Annie’s Annuals,

supplier of rare & wonderful plants for the past 15 years.

Annie Hayes shares the desire for rarities that drives plant-a-holics.

Plants are no longer for locals only ... Annie's Annuals are now available by mail-order.

Clianthus puniceus ‘Albus’

'White Lobster Claw' - Clianthus aka 'Kaka Beak'  or 'Parrot's Beak'

A fast growing evergreen shrub or small tree for a sunny setting; not fussy about soil type.

Average to low water; USDA zones 8-11 but web site mentions plants surviving 

  13 degrees fahrenheit. 

Nursery, growing grounds & display gardens are a vibrant habitat for bees, butterflies & hummingbirds.
A glimpse of the display gardens at Annie's Annuals.
Zaluzianskya capensis Albus
'Night Phlox' aka 'Midnight Candy' -  Zaluzianskya capensis

A richly scented, uncommon South African species, growing 12” tall & wide with multi-branching stems. A profuse bloomer for the night garden, Z. capensis boasts

white flowers backed by maroon. Easy to grow in sun; average to low water.

USDA Zone 9-11 or as an annual.

Arctotis grandis

"Steel blue eye encircled by a golden ring... pearly white daisy from South Africa.

...behaves as a perennial in USDA zones 9-11 - grown as an annual in colder winter gardens. Flowers ... close up at night. 

Plant in well-drained soil in sun; average water/No summer water."

(Photos of available plants, courtesy Annie's Annuals)

Link to Annie's Annuals


  1. I've never seen a white lobster claw. Very interesting! I'd love to have this beauty, but we are in zone 7b. The white daisy is superb! Thank you Alice1

  2. Tatyana,
    You're in the land of Zonal Denial....perhaps a shed or garage to shelter a few borderline babes!

  3. What interesting and intriquing flowers. I was fascinated by all of them. Annie sure looks like a woman who is living her Zen. What a great resource.

  4. I am writing to you as a non-gardener. But a real aficionada of garden flowers and layout. What emanates from this blog is gratitude and energy! I was going to tell you which of the images is my favorite, but this is impossible.

    Keep doing what you are doing, creating an plot of exquisite beauty on the planet.

  5. Oh my Alice, what a grand place to see. I love seeing new- out of the ordinary plants. I see you are helping push the envelope with Tatyana planting the white lobster claw. What an interesting looking shrub...really neat.

  6. Want to go there! Looks like an amazing place: Zinnias, butterflies, mysterious looking towers! I love the profusion, and Annie looks joyous.

  7. Lovely. I am quite taken with the Clianthus.

  8. Digitalis Obscure..rare color..I love that...Annie's annuals..seems to be a really cool place visit....thanks for sharing...

  9. Great - I should hold a 'planting party' too. I am very envious of your Digitalis obscura - how can I get one for my garden here in Italy? Would Annie's Annuals do its seeds by mail order? and thank you for faving my humble blog - most kind.

  10. I'm going to visit Annie's right now! Gorgeous flowers - they'd definitely be annuals in my z5 garden!!

  11. Gorgeous Gorgoues photos! All stunnning! In love with that foxglove!
    Wonderful post!

  12. Lovely Lovely post! I love the Clianthus and the Philadelphus but they would not survive our winters. Annie shines in you photo... you must have said something pretty funny. Great photos all! Carol

  13. Digitalis obscura looks like just the thing for me. Thanks, Alice. Always informative and inspiring.