Friday, October 2, 2009

Gardens of Giverny .... I've a Story to Tell

Monet's Purple Poppies - Photo courtesy, Ginas Pics'

Monet's garden at Giverny

Shortly after moving to California, I had an opportunity to travel to France, where I toured Impressionist painter, Claude Monet's home and garden.
I've a short story to share, so do follow along: At 15, I met the father of my brother's future wife.
Charming and rather elderly at the time (or so it seemed to me), my brother's future father-in-law, 
Mr. Monet was the grand-nephew (or great-grand nephew?) 
of the artist, Claude Monet.
C'est tout!


  1. Talk about name dropping! :-) This is a garden that I have long dreamed of seeing, lucky you, in many ways. :-)

  2. How fabulous is that. Now that is a story to pull out at parties! :) Lisa B

  3. Now that is a story to share at parties. Increible! :)

  4. Can this qualify me for six degrees of separation?

  5. Ah, Giverny. I remember when I went there by train from Paris. Sadly, I found the gardens disappointing. The flowers seemed small and fussy and the crowds did not invite lingering. But then I discovered a different garden, not too far from the train station, with beautiful plants and benches. I rested there for quite a while before I returned to Paris, please with my adventure.

  6. One day now I am recovered I intend to travel to see this lovely garden who knows perhaps 2010 will be good for me to go.
    What a name dropper but why not?

  7. Lovely story :)

    Monet Gardens Giverney are nice but nothing exceptional from design point of view. Others to visit in the area include Chateau du Champ de Bataille and Jardin des Plumes both near Rouen - slightly further south are Jardin d'Atmosphère near Le Mans and the Pellerine near Ernée in the Mayenne.

  8. This garden is famous for perhaps its gorgeous wisteria blooms. It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love this garden its great I am so glad I found your blog Thanks

  10. Frances,
    Excuse the name-dropping.... I couldn't resist!
    Visiting a famous garden can be disappointing, often because of the crowds. If you have the chance to see Giverny, I hope you'll find a quiet place to take in its beauty.

    TM, Time of year, busloads of people, weather: all these things can affect our experience of a place - I can see how Giverny might fall short. That you were able to transcend the disappointment and enjoy yourself does not surprise me. It's a mark of your character and resourcefulness!

    Lisa, Deborah, Joanne, Muhammad and Sammy,
    Thanks for your comments. We do all seem our love for gardens and appreciation for Giverny - No separation at all... in fact!

    VN, Glad to hear about these gardens nearby.