Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wilde ...as in Oscar! Chicago Streetscape

Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood ... on the North Side
My former stomping ground.

as in Oscar Wilde ... Irish Bar and Restaurant

Plantings - Anne Roberts Gardens

Streetscape ... 3130 N. Broadway

Late-September 2009
A belated postscript, mentioned in the comments here.
Visit VP's 18 Oct post on Veg Plotting
Out on the Streets
for street scenes from Liverpool to Brittany to downtown Toronto!


  1. Hrmn, now I know where I'm going to visit for some seed snatching activities later this month. :0)

  2. Lakeview is my former stomping ground too. The closest anything came to these kind of plantings was outside El Jardin Cafe. These are so lush.

  3. I've been to Chicago during all the seasons and their street plantings are among the best I've seen.
    I think of Chicago as a city that knows how to accessorize! gail

  4. MrBT, Trust me, I won't tell!

    MMD, I ate at El Jardin for years, but now I can't recall the plantings there.
    Wonder if we were in the same place at the same time ;~)

    Gail, Perfectly phrased! If hizzoner the Mayor ever sees that line, I see a new city motto in the future. It's now "the city that works" - if I recall correctly. Infinitely more hip to be the "city that knows how to accessorize!!"

  5. I don't know, it looks like they live by the motto "Grow forth!" Beautiful shots of random acts of gardening!

  6. Alice:
    Imagine the afternoon trysts Wilde could have embarked upon without being seen were he alive and dining there today! Where is it again? LOL!!!

  7. Wow, someone is spending a lot of time and money on this, and it is worth every penny. Plantings like this should be a municipal by- law in every city.

  8. That is accessorizing of the deep-dish variety.

  9. Christine, Teza, Deborah, Helen....

    You can see why Wilde's lush, ripe, verdant facade....stopped me in my tracks! Wish we could all gather here for literary repartee & drinks - btw, for an Irish bar, they have a great wine list!

    Leather arm chairs are incredibly cozy, too. Cheers, my friends!!

  10. Wow.. so rich and heavily planted. I wonder those plant can survive and thrive so well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Lush and lovely. The preceding post was a winner, too.

  12. How charming! Would love to take a stroll there.. and then stop for lunch! Gorgeous pictures!

  13. That is just amazing! I cannot believe the sheer volume of plants packed into one place. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hey James, Nell Jean, Kiki and Rosey,

    Summer in Chicago... what can I say! A fantastic city with beguiling sights. You won't be disappointed if you plan a late-summer foray!!

  15. Wow! Look at all of that amazing foliage! What a beautiful display and what a neat setting to be in.

  16. Wow Alice - I think I saw these mentioned after the Spring Fling, but no-one had any photos to share for June's Out on the Streets. It was worth waiting for you to come along and show us this month instead :)

  17. Holy smokes! Those are fantastic gardens. I really loved that you appreciated these enough to photograph them and share them with us. Most people would simply think "nice greenery" and move on but you saw the garden in them.

  18. It's possible you went to El Jardin restaurant. It's satellite location was called El Jardin Cafe, which was the one with the outdoor seating.

  19. Gorgeous photos! I came by way of VP and her round-up of posts about street plantings. I was in Chicago in late May for Spring Fling, a gathering of garden bloggers, and was so impressed by all the lovely street plantings throughout the city. But somehow I neglected to take a single photo of them! Thanks so much for sharing these.

  20. Hi all,
    Do check out VP's 18 Oct post... Out on the Streets, if you haven't seen it:
    link to:
    on the Veg Plotting blog.
    Fab sights, not to be missed!