Saturday, November 21, 2009

Adieu to Malibu .. Adamson House Part III

Historic Adamson House Landscape

"Malibu's earliest history begins at this site where the Chumash people lived in a thriving village they called Humaliwo meaning,
"the surf sounds loudly.""

Part III ... final vignettes to say Adieu.


"Malibu modern history begins around 1802 when Jose Tapia received a Spanish land grant that enabled him to establish the Malibu Rancho - the first large ranch in this area. "

Links to Historic Adamson House, Part I & Part II


  1. Beautiful!!! What a charming post!Really great photos..inspiring! I love that gorgeous bench!!

  2. That's exactly where I want to be right now. Lovely.

  3. Hi Kiki and Carrie,
    Wouldn't it be fun to gather all the garden bloggers here in this sublime Malibu setting... in our dreams!

  4. I can feel that California sun right now! What a wonderful shot of sun and color for someone in the dull of winter. Thank you for reminding me that the sun still shines somewhere. LOL

  5. I think I can get a pretty large assenting vote that it's not fair you get to see all these gorgeous places and we don't. I may write a letter to someone in charge about this pass.

    LOL, great job. I loved that area, although I have to confess i was also glad to leave.

  6. ohhh, can we do that?? Syncronised dreaming, it would be lovely to met you, haha