Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cultural Landscapes ... Central Park, NYC

Central Park - New York City
Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr.
What are cultural landscapes? 

Stewardship through Education:

Link to The Cultural Landscape Foundation:


  1. I have always wanted to visit Central Park to get a sense of how beautiful and large it is. Thank you for the photos.

  2. azplantlady,

    It is an huge green island that animates New York City in so many ways.
    Worth a trip to the Big Apple!

  3. My first trip to NYC was to do a half marathon -- twice round Central Park in the springtime. It was a great experience. I got to know that outer pathway pretty well, especially the hills at the top end. Puff puff.

  4. I have a trip to Central Park buried in my blog somewhere, Alice. Lord, it truly is a wonder - so varied and so wild especially considering its location. It was one of the best landscaping jobs in the history of landscaping - ever - anywhere. Think of what it does for those New Yorkers.

  5. I adore Central Park.I have wonderful memories of my son aged 4 being delighted by the Egyptian Inspired playground( near to the Met. Museum,which he also adored!).I loved this post.

  6. You are a traveler!! Love the idea of Stewartship through education.

  7. Helen,
    I'm so impressed...I'm speechless! Would I ever have guessed you were a runner? Half marathon seems like a great thing. Full marathons always seem more like torture to me. Maybe you do those as well? Puff puff puff!!

    Hi Steve,
    I'll be looking out for your post on the Park! Central Park, like Golden Gate Park... an incredible undertaking.

    Glad you enjoyed a reminder of your visit, and memories of the magnificent Met!

    Stewardship often needs to be taught. Seems everyone doesn't get it off the bat ;~D

  8. I would love to visit Central Park one day. These photos you chose are beautiful and show such great elegance. Thank you for sharing these.

  9. Hi Alice~~ The oasis within the urban jungle... pure genius. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

  10. These are nice photos from Central Park. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of NY, but I love to see Central Park laid out on a map. It's an amazing green space!

  11. LeSan, Grace, Wendy, and janie,

    Like New York, Central park is iconic - a subject/issue befitting the Cultural Landscapes Foundation! Thanks for your comments:~] Alice