Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fabbest Foliage .. Favorite Shrubs, Perennials & Vines

Alice's Garden Blooming in Spring
In Spring a gardener is allowed to gush!
Kerria j.'Albiflora' .. one of the earliest and most beautiful blooms to appear on a shrub.

Another early bloomer, Weigela f. 'Midnight Wine' with its deep, dark foliage.

Plantings have had to be adjusted as the tree on the property to the west soars ever higher and wider; its branches shading the garden where sunlight once fell.

Couldn't ignore this outrageous Raymond Evison Clematis cultivar, 'Crystal Fountain'

Perhaps the combination I find most enchanting in Spring: dramatic chocolate foliage of Corylus 'Rote Zeller'
intertwined with variegated Porcelain berry vine, Ampelopsis brevipedunculata 'Elegans,' a deciduous, woody, perennial climber - every leaf demonstrating a uniquely complex shape, mottled white and pink flushed.
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  1. aloha alice,

    i'm a fan of anything variegated, i miss growing those variegated weigela and that clematis is spectacular.

  2. Spring is such an exciting time for foliage marriages but I so love the Clematis, aptly named.

  3. Oh! I want that acanthus! I have been wanting to add some more to my white garden in the shady part and that variegation would be perfect. I am now on a quest!

  4. Alice:
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE A. 'Tasmanian Angel' but have been unable to find it here in Canada! I know its probably not as hardy as I would like, but when has that ever stopped me before?!? I love your foliage combinations - the Corylus and Philadelphus are stunning, and who wouldn't fall for B. 'Rose Glow.' Things are looking mighty fine in your neck of the woods!

  5. I forgot I have philadelphus at the edge of the old orchard. I remembered when I saw your lovely blossoms. I must check to see if it is coming into bloom. Alice, I love this post.

  6. Pleased to share these beauteous babes with my blogging co-horts! Thanks for stopping by.... xoxo

  7. The only other Tasmanian Angel I have seen didn't have nearly the variegation that yours!!!
    Need to check my Weigelia 'French Lace' --it's blooms were almost open yesterday.

  8. Thanks for the reminder that Spring isn't always all about the flowers- so much to see with the foliage as well! You've got some eye-catching combinations.

  9. Proof, you do not even need flowers to have a beautiful, colourful garden.

  10. Hi Alice, i failed to be here for quite a while. Those variegations are really really lovable, how i wish i can put my hands on them!