Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clash of the Wee Ones .. Weigela 'My Monet' and Geum 'Werner Arends'

My tale of woe is old-hat, remarked on countless times as the amount of sunlight continues to decrease in Alice's Garden. Thus, in early Spring I transplanted a few treasured specimens to spots that receive a bit more sun.

The wee Weigela 'My Monet' found itself lifted and moved across the pebble patio to the bed below the back porch - where the blue wall is a preening presence in various photos.

Now, the brilliant, burnt orange blooms of Geum 'Werner Arends' are now popping up through the Weigela foliage in a clashing color scheme that would, doubtless,
cause the long-departed doyenne of British gardening,
Gertrude Jekyll to shudder in her 'wellies' (rubber boots, that is).

Dare I admit to enjoying the cacophony!


  1. Hello,
    That is a beautiful plant and I love the colors of the leaves.

  2. Clashing in gardens can be a great way for us less fashion-forward types (speaking only for me here) express our wild side! Sure it clashes, but it's more fun that way!

  3. How small is that Wiegela? Would Jekyll shudder or relish it?

  4. The clash of colours works for me, I like the slightly anarchic feel of opposites colliding, yet coming together with purpose.

  5. Anything that makes someone shudder in their wellies sounds good to me. Personally I think Jekyll is over rated so there (now she's shuddering and rolling in her grave - ooops).

  6. Cacophonies can be good things, Alice. In this case, I support your anarchy!

  7. There's more anarchy yet to be revealed! 'Personal' reasons have resulted these last couple years in a less attentive approach to plantings. Consequently, my perfectionist ways are becoming history.

    Catherine, the Wiegela is 10 inches high or so. Truly a wee thing.

    Thanks all for 'popping' by;-))

  8. I would think 'My Monet' is beautiful against your blue wall. As for the geum - we all need a little punch now and then, to keep life from becoming boring.

  9. So beautiful! Such a great picture. Can't wait to see more!