Friday, July 2, 2010

Frilly, Rosy Blooms of Summer - Cosmos 'Rose Bon Bon'

Summer has officially arrived! And the season is heralded by some of the prettiest blooms for bouquets I could conjure up, were I in the business of developing long-stem cutting flowers.

In fact, Renee's Garden sent a few packets of seeds to trial.
And here is my first bouquet of Cosmos "Rose Bon Bon" - a new variety for 2010.
Plants began blooming last week in the full-sun of my 'cutting garden' ... aka T's allotment.
A plot at a community garden on the grounds of an old estate in our town.

Sadly, there's all too little full-sun in my garden these days.
Still, I planted a few seeds in a terra cotta pot, placing it in the sunniest spot on our tiny pebble patio, alongside a stone bench.

A large bloom opened yesterday, and I quickly clipped it and brought it inside to enjoy, along with flowers T brought home on Monday.

T. tells me there's quite a crop of my favorite Zinnias from Renee's Garden - 'Apricot Blush.'

He's promised to bring them home for a holiday gathering on Sunday, when friends are coming by for sparkling wine & antipasto.

I'm impressed by the fine quality seeds sent by Renee's Garden ...
... beguiling annuals that bloom lavishly.

Thank you, T., for setting aside a place to tend my flowers among your myriad tomato plants!!

Photo shows the flowers backlit on the kitchen counter, backed by glass-block windows.
The petals' translucent character is lovely.


  1. These are unusual and pretty frilly cosmos. I rediscovered cosmos this spring but mine are the more typical cosmos, which are also handsome.

  2. Oh lordy, every girl needs to have some pretty pink flowers in her life. It the moment I am looking and smelling 3 pink roses from our lottie. We have cosmos growing too, but they aren't at flowering stage :( Yours are fabulous and that last back lit photo is stunning. Hugs xx

  3. Terra,
    I've actually never met a Cosmos I didn't like!

    Big giant bear hug backatcha! xo

  4. Lovely, frilly things. Cosmos is one of my favourite flowers too and loved by butterflies. Sadly the ones I planted ths year didn't struggle past two inches in height. I think the slugs got 'em.

  5. Lovely Cosmos. I just had a lovely time looking back at the many posts I had missed as I have been so busy and not keeping up with blogs recently.

    You seem to have had an interesting time in London.

  6. I'm loving these pics. Mine are still at the bud phase but I can't wait to see what they look like.

  7. Look what cosmos is up to these days! Those are gorgeous.

  8. Very cool blooms. I really love the crinkled texture of cosmos petals, and these really show off that trait beautifully. Nice color, too!