Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Hint of Autumn .. Blooms in my Bay Area Garden

A bee enjoying an Anemone: The large swathe of Japanese Anemones - a melding of 'Pamina' and 'Mont Rose,' burst forth in the bed where roses once grew; too little sunlight now for roses.
Photos © Alice Joyce

Anemone 'Pamina' ... she's quite the lady.

What would I do without Toad Lilies! Especially Tricyrtis lasiocarpa : Yes, it spreads vigorously, but that trouble-free habit is just what's needed now in the spot where it grows along the back fence, beneath the limbs of my neighbor's enormous evergreen.

As I've had to cut back on the time spent on garden maintenance, I appreciate the elegance of this long-stemmed beauty more and more with each passing year.

Scrophularia 'Lemon and Lime' exhibits my favorite hues, brightening a bed that gets less and less light as the daylight hours grow shorter. In the ground Scrophularia languished, but planted now in the moist conditions of a faux terra cotta planter, it flourishes.

The blooms on this member of the mint family are a magnet for bees.
To read more about 'sticky germander' ... the common name,


  1. I love toad lilies, and really need to try them. They have the intricacy of an orchid, but trouble free and shade-loving. Just perfect!

  2. Lovely! Your anemone and the toad lily ... just beautiful. ;>)

  3. Dear Alice - are you saying that your Japanese Anemones are a cross breed? They certainly look more interesting than any I have seen over here.

  4. Alice:
    At long last I have managed to get over here! Please forgive the long absence. I too love Anemone at this time of year, and Pamina is a doll, BUT, its the Tricyrtis that has my full on attention. I shall have to see if I can locate T lasiocarpa as I love those with even the slightest 'blue' tint to them. Divine!

  5. Blogger is being very difficult this evening!

    Hello to all,

    Anemones and toad lilies are quite the garden damsels, n'est pas!

    I expect the lovely 'Pamina' and 'Mont Rose' are both hybrid varieties that been bred for their lovely hue and form.

  6. Dear Alice, Your toad lily is lovely. I am not having much luck with mine as the rabbits like it too. Last year I intended moving it next to the house where the rabbits don't usually venture. Maybe I will do that this week before I forget again. Your pics are beautiful! Pam x