Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amazed by the Beauty! A Winter Day at Quixote Winery

The Stags Leap palisades create a dramatic backdrop, while seedheads of ornamental grasses soften the surroundings on a winter's day at ...


Quixote Winery, located in the Stags Leap AVA - American Viticultural Area - of Napa Valley.

Owner Carl Doumani, an avid art lover, once said: "The minute I saw [Hundertwasser's design) I knew it was what I wanted."
Playfully colorful, flowing and undulating, Quixote's design represents a rare example in the U.S. of a site (buildings and grounds) created by the artist, Hundertwasser. Always aware and concerned about the environment, Hundertwasser often added green roofs to structures.
Hundertwasser's paintings and architectural work incorporate an organic aesthetic meant to enrich one's everyday experience, in sharp contrast to the stark, geometric architecture that he loathed.

Ornamental grasses planted throughout add a naturalism to a landscape
designed by Landscape Architect Jack Chandler.

The Quixote vineyards are organically farmed.
"The kind of day that makes you want to live forever."
I basked in the warmth of the Irish: In this instance, the above greeting by Quixote's Wine Club Concierge, Ireland-born Anne White.
Anne's hospitality will enhance your visit to the winery: open by appointment only.
A note: In 2000, Hundertwasser died on a voyage on the RMS Queen Elizabeth, and is buried in New Zealand.
Quixote produces finely crafted Petite Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.


  1. It looks like a great place, I hope you had a nice visit.

  2. What a stunning place - I think I shall dream about living there in that building with all that beauty - i adore architecture like that, grasses like that, I love wine, I love sunshine!

  3. What an extraordinary looking place! (And wonderful pillars!)

    The scenery looks impressive too. It all seems slightly surreal and un-nerving - but maybe that's because the photos are empty of people.

    Thanks for the Blotanical pick, Alice.


  4. Dear Alice, I love the Napa Valley but this is so different from any winery I visited. Quixote's design is stunning. P x

  5. How do I not know about this place ? It must have a long driveway...I'm going to call them and grovel to go take photos..thanks for the heads up !

  6. what a beautiful backdrop and surroundings. I think even if the food and wine here are not really very good, if you are eating and sipping them in these location, everything will taste heavenly! haha

  7. I love the textural contrast between the soft grasses, the shiny gold of the dome and the rugged texture of the mountain range in the backdrop. Well framed image!
    Looks like an interesting place...

  8. Very cool! I love Hundertwasser and would so enjoy seeing this winery.

  9. Beautiful, interesting architecture and a stunning backdrop! Looks like a wonderful place to visit, and the wine is a bonus!

  10. Alice ,
    Quixote looks just a beautiful and evocative in the winter as is does in the summer.
    Glad you had a chance to visit this marvelous winery and wonderland.
    For those who'd like to see a few more photos taken during the winter I have a few posted here :
    enjoy the tour.

  11. I love the pillars. the color magnifies the neutral, natural tones of their surroundings.

  12. Hello Alice, and a late happy new year to you! I love your header picture, what a wonderful moon gate. I would love to know which garden it belongs to...

  13. Hello IG
    here's a link to Hestercombe on Alice's Garden Travel Buzz.. it's the garden you ask about with the gorgeous stonework in the header here:

  14. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and sharing this incredibly artful destination winery. The landscape is truly lovely! Alice

  15. This really is a beautiful place. The architecture is really unusual.