Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Exotic Gardens for California: A Garden Conservancy Seminar

Alhambra - Generalife Gardens: Painting by Ludwig Hans Fisher 1885
Photos: The Garden Conservancy
The Garden Conservancy and Ruth Bancroft Garden will present a fascinating seminar, looking at Moorish, Mughal, and Mediterranean Influence on California Gardens.
Royal Mosque Tile from Isfahan, Safavid period, from Patrick Hunt's Presentation
The seminar: Gift of Persia
will take place on July 15 at The Gardens at Heather Farm in Walnut Creek. To read more about the exceptional agenda and speakers for the day-long event, see the June 19th feature on...
Courtyard Garden in Rajasthan

or phone The Garden Conservancy office in San Francisco at 415.441.4300.

The event moves to the Ruth Bancroft Garden for a wine reception, where participants can hear the garden's curator Brian Kemble share his horticultural expertise!


  1. Clearly won't be there (!) but it sounds as if it will be fascinating and inspiring. I would like to walk into the painting and to posess the tile.


  2. Lucy
    You won't be able to paddle across the pond? Well, your presence will be missed by me, for one.

  3. I too had my eye on the tile. No paddling here either, so the tile is safe.

  4. GWGT
    Hope your summer is progressing with lovely warm days....