Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sculpture! Chelsea Flower Show 2011

Chelsea Flower Show 2011: A look at selected sculptural works on view at this year's show.

Above: Laura Antebi - Wire Sculptures

Tom Hare installation: 'The Power of Plants' on exhibit in The Great Pavilion.
Physalis alkekengi: the Japanese Lantern or Cape Gooseberry is said to have use as a sore throat remedy; also to treat eczema, among the plant's medicinal properties.

I particularly liked this eye-intriguing work by Tom Hare - aka Willowman, combining willow elements woven onto a steel framework. At the base, a naturalistic planting, along with woven willow honeybees.
Photos © Alice Joyce

RNIB Garden - Royal National Institute of Blind People:
A silvery gilded figurative work, although not readily apparent, revealed itself to be a 'living' sculpture when slight movements could be detected.

Exuberant oversize blooms...

A discretely minimal form emerged as a central fountain in the M&G Garden designed by Bunny Guinness.
Photos © Alice Joyce

One side note: Strolling on the streets of London near the Victoria Embankment Gardens, a noteworthy architectural element loomed large.

On offer at Chelsea, works in most every style and material.

Tom Stogdon Sculpture
Photos © Alice Joyce
Sculpture figured prominently in all the major show gardens.
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  1. I just loved your post today. The sculptures are so interesting and some really beautiful. So many forget how important art can be in a garden. Such a great find when walking through a space. Great focal points too.

  2. Very much like the oversized blooms - but feel sorry for the man on the building. It must be hard to look relaxed when standing up and about to fall off.


  3. I really like the minimalist fountain. It has a big impact. I also like those animal wire sculptures!

  4. Love the fountain, thanks for posting it.