Monday, August 15, 2011

Farm Fresh & Fun! Happy Acres, Paso Robles

Had the greatest time touring... Happy Acres Family Farm with Coy Barnes of The Wine Wrangler during a visit to Paso Robles

Happy Acres is a family run Goat Milk Dairy operation that produces the finest artisan cheeses featured in Farmer's Markets and restaurants.
A certified organic farm, they also produce fresh produce and eggs.
Children and their parents delight in touring the property to learn about farming and animal care. You can visit the web site to book a tour!
It's a setting filled with the energetic activity of pigs and dogs, chickens and alpacas, horses and a miniature donkey, along with the 200 or so goats that owner Stephanie Simonin can readily identify by name!
Four women and some younger family members work together milking, collecting eggs, or preparing goats for 4H events and shows. They also create luxurious goat's milk skin care products, another Happy Acres speciality. All are handmade and paraben-free, from moisturizing creams and cleansers to lip butters and lotions in a variety of scents.

Happy Acres Family Farm is located in Templeton, California, a bit south of Paso Robles.

Thanks, Stephanie! The White Tea Ginger Lotion feels wonderful on my skin.


  1. Tylko się cieszyć, że takie gospodarstwa istnieją i maja sę dobrze. Pozdrawiam

  2. Goats! What a fabulous sounding farm! I can't wait for goats here, although we're not going to do anything on that scale, just a few goats for own milk and cheese. The mini-donkey sounds fun too. Don't tell Mr. CV but I've been scoping out one of those as well! Maybe I should take him down to this farm for a little inspiration!? ;)

  3. I love to visit much to see and experience. That goat with the mane is beautiful or handsome, whatever the case may be.