Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Perfume Roses! Russian River Rose Co.

Open Garden and Special Demonstrations .. August 14 and August 21, 2011
Russian River Rose Company Nursery and Display Garden OPEN 10 -5
Jan and Michael Tolmasoff harvest more than a half-ton of rose blooms -- that's 130,000 intensely fragrant flowers -- from their Healdsburg, California gardens in order to yield a mere 2 ounces of distilled rose oil.

The Tolmasoffs' gardens sprouted in 1980. And over time, the layout evolved into a historical arrangement of roses, starting with species such as Rosa californica, a California native. A tour of the garden begins across the way, in a setting anchored by antique roses of European and Middle Eastern descent, creating extravagant displays
A naturalistic butterfly garden encircles the house's turret, with annuals, perennials and roses coming together to provide continuous bloom. The relaxed planting features irises and calendulas for color and contrast in spring: summertime allies - verbena, cosmos, pincushion flower and echinacea are outlined by a vibrantly colorful border of miniature, own-root roses.
On August 14 and 21 the Butterfly Garden will be in full bloom.

Look for the entry arch, supporting hybrid musks among a bevy of shade-tolerant roses that thrive in Northern California. Tender tea roses boast an area of their own. Jan mentions Etoile de Lyon as one of the most beautiful, recommending it to people looking for an antique rose, but not a once-blooming type.
A compelling element of the garden design: An allee articulated by seven arches 12 feet high and wide entices visitors to stroll through the vineyard to the perfume rose field.

For information, phone 707.433.7455
Open Garden - $2 donation


  1. Beautiful. I wish blogs had a Smellorama feature. It would be a treat to breathe in that old rose perfume. Mmmmmm.

  2. Helen, you're too funny! Sorry to miss you at the 'FLING' ... xo

  3. I agree with Helen. I bet the garden smells heavenly!

  4. Gorgeous place! I am shocked that it takes a half-ton of rose petals to make two ounces of rose oil. No wonder perfume is so expensive.

  5. Bumble
    RRRoses is indeed a richly scented scene!

    I was shocked to learn this fact, too.

  6. Szkoda, ze do tego ogrodu tak daleko :-(. Pozdrawiam