Monday, September 17, 2012

Glimpsing Garden Glory

Vignettes from my forays in Venice & the Veneto...

 Villa Barbaro Nymphaeum: a glassy pool and the sculptural extravagance of the architecture could only be glimpsed through the villa's expansive windows   ~ Maser, the Veneto.

A mosaic design accents the richly adorned paved paths ~ André Heller Botanic Garden
Gardone, Lago di Garda

Austere hedging and meticulous pebble pathways surround a private villa garden in .. 
Bardolino ~ Lago di Garda

... while here, in Alice's Garden the Red Cestrum ~ Cestrum newellii is a top performer. 
Blooming nearly year-long, it's a shrubby specimen that invites hummingbirds, bees and butterflies to the waxy red flower clusters!


  1. Awesome pictures from Italy. That's a nice place to visit. Good food,wine and warmness. Beautiful landscapes.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Italy is definitely a place for dream getaways!

  2. Hello Alice:
    Venice and the Veneto, the bravura of it all, the drama, the beauty and the elegance. How we love it and your photographs have captured such delightful glimpses of these treasures.

    And, Cestrum newellii, another Diva of the gardening world!

    1. Hi Jane and Lance,
      The treasures are, indeed, beguiling while providing fascinating counterpoints, as well.
      What a joy to find amid the centuries of historic art and society, the aspect of contemporary gardens & artists that add flavor and flair to the region.

  3. Hi Alice, love that shot of the villa in Bardalino-lago di garda, and the top photo too, wonderful architectural detail.

    1. Karen

      The variety of architecture resonates; its impact makes me want to enlarge my understanding of styles and the cultures responsible for their creation.

      fyi I enjoy imagining your budding season in Australia when seeing your name. The opposite seasonal shift always fascinates.... Cheers!