Saturday, January 17, 2009

California garden, 10 months after move-in date.

A San Francisco Examiner 'Habitat' cover story, 10 months after I began planting. 

Bottom right photo shows construction debris amid uncultivated hardpan soil, during the early stage of mapping out the garden design.

The story chronicles the trove of plant material that thrives in the Bay Area - dizzying choices for a transplanted Chicagoan. 

Easy, fast-growing pass-along plants - cannas and Verbena bonariensis, fragrant nicotiana, yarrow and sunflowers, were soon replaced by a plant palette of golds, coppery purple, and lime green foliage adorning architectural shrubs and perennials; set off by the fiery blooms of dahlias and phygelius, cestrum and croscosmia.

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