Monday, January 19, 2009

Garden Born in the Fall, my San Francisco Chronicle Garden Walks column

In August 2005, after my  Garden Walks columns had been appearing for a number of years in the San Francisco Chronicle, we decided it was an appropriate time  for me take a break from touring the Bay Area's alluring winery estates, botanical collections, and private homes that opened their garden gates in conjunction with The Garden Conservancy's Open Days program. 

In this special column, I allowed readers entree to my personal landscape, measuring some 25 x 50 feet. Taking the opportunity to voice my personal preferences, I gushed about my favorite plant alliances. And offered planting advice, while describing the conditions and microclimates present in the sanctuary I created north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Not a day has passed since moving here that I do not wake up and revel in the natural beauty of Marin County. It's a glorious a place to live.

Log onto the Chronicle's web site, and do an advanced search for the column titled:  Garden Born in the Fall read the story, and see Frederic Larson photos.

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  1. Hi Alice,
    Well to the blogosphere!!! I'm looking forward to my visit to the wine country in a couple of weeks. I will be staying with friends who, like you "revel" in the beauty, the weather, the wine and their life in a garden. What a treat. Thank you for sharing.