Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rare Plants, San Francisco Botanical Garden, Deppea splendens

Photo San Francisco Botanical Garden Society
A Preview
Rare Plants - San Francisco Botanical Garden Plant Sale
at Strybing Arboretum
Visit the web site to see a schedule of Annual Plant Sales, with rare and unusual plants from the Garden's collections!
Pictured: Deppea splendens - a rare cloud forest plant, virtually unknown in cultivation and presumed to be extinct in the wild. One of the rarest plants in the world, Deppea splendens looks fuchsia-like (although it is gold with burgundy sepals), but is actually a close relative of the coffee plant. 


  1. Hi Alice,

    so I've just eyeballed one of the rarest plants in the world.


  2. Hi Alice, Very strange looking - attractive but different.
    I took a journey up Spirit Lake Highway on my post today. Actually, it's somewhere I go all the time but I think everyone thinks I was on vacation. Just taking my boys home! LOL

  3. This is a very nice shrub indeed !