Friday, April 10, 2009

A trove of Drought Tolerant Plants, Colorful Succulents, Eucomis, and...

California Garden Circle - above
Drought-tolerant Plants available at Botanical Garden Plant Sales

Visit the San Francisco Botanical Garden web site (link below) for a schedule of plant sales. A fantastic source for rare perennials, salvias, shrubs;
plants for shade and native species: Succulents, trees, ferns, and rhododendrons.
San Francisco Botanical Garden
at Strybing Arboretum
County Fair Building
Golden Gate Park
9th Avenue at Lincoln Way
The San Francisco Botanical Garden's Annual Spring Plant Sale: An impressive, botanical extravaganza, with more than 4,000 different kinds of plants on offer, including drought tolerant plants for water-wise gardening and food plants perfectly suited for Bay Area vegetable gardens. 

A large selection of California natives are often available at their seasonal peak. Plants that can be  counted upon to feature seeds and nectar to sustain native wildlife, and bring authentic beauty to California gardens. Some 300 to 400 varieties of natives may be for sale.

Eucomis bicolor - Eric Hunt Photo
Beguiling selections of uncommon and unusual plants will delight avid gardeners, while colorful succulents, flowering vines, herbaceous perennials, rock garden plants, salvias, shrubs and rhododendrons draw plant lovers of every persuasion.
Public Information:  415/661-1316 or
Read more ... Luculias at SFBG  


  1. AA~~ So are you going? And if so will you be shopping? And if so do you promise to post photos of your acquisitions? Have fun.

  2. Overwhelming! Yes, please go and document this!

  3. Wish I could stop by! I have many drought-tolerant plants in my own garden...

  4. Oh bliss! It's just as well I'm too far away to go to this, or I would spend a whole year's money!!

    I love the Eucomis - what wonderful subtle colour and pattern.

    Looking forward to hearing more about the event!

  5. That Eucomis would get me to the sale alone!! It's gorgeous.

  6. What they said . . . hope you're going to the show . . . hope you're taking lots of pictures . . . hope you're going to share them with us . . . and the Eucomis is gorgeous and I would love to have one. Great post Alice!

  7. Pineapple Lilies are one of my favorite plants.

  8. The Eucomis is gorgeous. I'm not familiar with the genus, so I'm going to have to research this afternoon!

  9. Thanks for this reminder and the stunning photos on these posts (natives can be exotic. in a manner of speaking). This may spur me to visit some Bay Area friends and enrich my garden...

  10. I LOVE that Eucomis - never seen anything like it.

  11. What is California Garden Circle?

  12. Beautiful Eucomis. Looks like Iris and California Poppies in the first picture -- wonderful color combination.

  13. Hello all, and thanks for visiting!

    The California Garden Circle is one section among many at the San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum.

    Look for updates on the sale. And as for Eucomis bicolor, I'm completely enamored with this beauty. Cheers, Alice

  14. Nice photos. Good to know about the sale. We were just helping out at the Tilden sale, always fun to see the trillium stampede followed by the lilium stampede.

  15. those were really stunning plants and very helpful to our surroundings because it gives beauty though drought is affecting a country. I hope a lot of countries will plant these gorgeous plants as well. It will definitely bring every heart joy and happiness in their heart.