Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Art of Bamboo - A Sculptural Installation

Five Elements - Water 
by Master Tetsunori Kawana
National Gallery of Victoria Sculpture Garden - Melbourne, Australia
Thanks to my friend, Tina for sharing her photos:

Link to Tina's blog:
.... Master Kawana's sculptural installation constructed of Madrake bamboo - on
exhibit through October 4, 2009.
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  1. LOVE.IT. Bamboo is such a supple and condusive material in the garden. I try and remember that as I constantly work to beat my stand of black bamboo into submission year after year.

  2. It is so lovely it doesn't even look like bamboo. Isn't it amazing how a truly talented artist can create something beautiful out of most anything at hand. In the same vein, I have often thought that a person with musical ability could make music with anything, such as, their own body, or plain sticks, etc. Thank you for sharing these photos.

  3. Wow! This is really neat looking! It DOES look like a wave of water. What a neat "field" trip.

  4. It just shows how flexible and versatile bamboo can be.

  5. Like a waterfall... wild and wonderful!

  6. I do that all the time. ;-)

    Actually, unbelievably gorgeous. Barbee is right - a true artist can make asphalt look good. Thanks for sharing, Alice.

  7. How amazing that must have been to see.