Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fields of Roses, A Fragrant Oasis and Blue Poppies!

Garden Valley Ranch
featured in Gardenwalks in California
INSIDERS' Guide, The Globe Pequot Press
Rosa 'Blanchefleur' by the Pond
Rosa 'Trolius'
Third Pergola ... Garden Valley Ranch

Columbines & Cardoon with Foxgloves
Another nostalgic post, as I recall traveling from Chicago to San Francisco in the mid-1990s, 
crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in a rental car to explore the beauty of  Napa, Sonoma, & Mendocino.
 Intent upon finding the best nursery display gardens for a book idea -  a project that began as a basic guide to Northern California gardens - I encountered Garden Valley Ranch for the first time and returned home to write about it in The Chicago Tribune.

By the time I signed a contract with publisher Michael Kesend for my first book, West Coast Gardenwalks, it had become a guide to coastal destinations from Vancouver to San Diego!
And the memorable journey planted the seed for a move to the Bay Area!

Archways in Fragrance Garden
Garden Valley Ranch Rose Field - 'Climbing Iceberg' on Colonnade in the distance.

Border & the house at GVR, formerly owned by renowned rose expert and author Ray Reddell.
Now home to Mark Grim and Ron Robertson, Garden Valley boasts a long mixed border
 - 220 by 14 ft - with a color scheme inspired by Gertrude Jekyll.

Link to Garden Valley Ranch
on Bay Area Tendrils 
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bare root roses from Garden Valley Nursery,
& chemical-free cut flowers treated with compost tea.
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  1. I love the look of the third pergola and its surroundings.... It must be the thoughtful combination of colors and heights that bring out the best in the area. Cheers ~bangchik

  2. Somehow, I am still smitten with white in all its forms. Lovely :)

  3. particularly enjoyed those photos. It was prettier than the Botanical Gardens here in Il!

  4. That archway made my heart skip a beat...darn I need to see more gardens, this is inspiring me to do just that! Kim

  5. "Archways in the fragrance garden." Now that just about sums up the elusive object of garden desire in my mind.

  6. Any archway is just so pretty. I have a renewed interest in roses and have started a garden expansion. I'm thinking lots of white and white roses as in the photos above. THanks for the continued inspiration!!

  7. Hello my blogger buddies,
    It's always fascinating to see how a new owner brings a unique vision to an existing garden.
    Ron's plantings are bringing a vital energy to GVR. I'll be returning often to smell the roses and stroll the paths of the fragrance garden! Alice