Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meconopsis grandis - The Blue Poppy at Garden Valley Ranch

Meconopsis grandis at Garden Valley Ranch
And furthermore....
Ron Robertson has graciously shared photos of the blue poppy growing at GVR, located in Petaluma, California - about 45 minutes north of San Francisco.
Ron raised these blue poppies from seed, and tells me that they grew very well during the summer, and even multiplied, before the gophers got to them the next winter!
Ron is now growing the Himalayan poppy, Meconopsis x sheldonii
(a hybrid of M. grandis & M. betonicafolia)
- a more robust form -
and they are planted in gopher baskets.

Meconopsis grandis opening....
Link to Part 1 - Garden Valley Ranch
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  1. You have GOT to be kidding! I proceeded to murder mine within about 3 months of pampering it.....I've been meaning to get to Garden Valley Ranch and now must put it at the top of my 'places to go' list! I've never seen one in person & can't wait to! Thanks for another great blog!

  2. This is a gorgeous presentation of a breath taking bloom. I wish we could grow these in my neck of the woods.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. what have I been missing out on? Does your friend sell seeds? That is a gorgeous blue.
    Shirley Bovshow "EdenMaker"

  4. Hello,you have such a wonderful blog here, Super-Lovely photos..I am smitten with your blue hibiscus! Enchanting! Thankyou for poppin over to my blog and for your kind friendly words. Happy gardening fellow kindred!I am still learning the ropes of blotanical...& blog world..I am such a newbie! Nice to meet a fellow writer! Yay!!

  5. What a beautiful blue! Where is he selling the seads?

  6. that is a really nice looking blue!!

  7. I tried to grow it from seeds this year and failed!

  8. Oh I love poppies and those are stunning! Kim

  9. Very pretty! I just love blue flowers.

  10. Hi, New Friend. Thank you for faving me; I'd have never found you otherwise.

    Blue poppies are reported not to grow in my climate. I'm looking forward to soon scattering many other poppy seeds for a glorious spring in 2010.

  11. Beautiful blue poppies! They are so different and the shade of blue is pretty. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am in binghamton, ny which, I believe is north of where you were. quite a difference from where you are now. Both beautiful in their own ways. Thanks for visiting.

  12. wow beautiful poppy. although iceland poppy is more beautiful but we prefer california poppy as it is more drought tolerant. great pics.

  13. Ahh. the ever elusive blue flower. Such a great photo. I get to grow things in vole/pocket gopher baskets too, lucky me.

  14. Hello... to all my blogging cohorts!

    If you have questions about what's for sale at Garden Valley Ranch....
    from their Nursery, please link to the web site listed in the column on the right: GARDEN TRAVEL BUZZ. Thanks for visiting.... Cheers, Alice

  15. Poppies are beautiful, but that blue is amazing!!

  16. I grew M. betonicifolia from seed once. It died after not very long. Sigh.

  17. They are gorgeous!!
    I live relatively close to Petaluma, so I assume I could grow them as well. Any ideas where to get the seeds?
    If anyone's interested there's a small garden operation in Calistoga that sells seeds for Greek red poppies. We killed them, however, they were beautiful while they lasted!!