Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Late Show Gardens - Future Feast ...Hope and Inspiration

Future Feast in The Garden of Flow/Accumulation
Suzanne Biaggi and Patrick Picard

The Late Show Gardens - September 2009

Under Construction.....

The Biaggi/Picard design focused upon the cycles of nature, or Flow,
Accumulation - interpreted as man's interruption of nature's rhythms.

The garden utilized watering systems that were meant to offer solutions to the results of accumulation.

Photos copyright © Alice Joyce
The alluring feast spread out upon the commodious table represents hope.

Charred saplings are featured among the garden's objects/symbols.

An intriguing garden to wander through.

Among Suzanne's inspirations? The mannerist gardens of Italy!
Photos © Alice Joyce
'Future Feast' may remain as a permanent installation at Cornerstone Sonoma, 
when The Late Show Gardens concludes.
Must wait and see......

Picard's expertise encompasses the garden's permaculture plantings .
Biaggi talked with me about how permaculture 
needn't always be rustic, as people might conjure it.

Shadows often bring another element to a design, as with a sculpture in an outdoor setting
 (or indoors with special lighting). 
In this instance, the repetition of the black saplings adds drama.
Can you feel the intensity of the sun on a late-summer day in Sonoma?


  1. Wow! That is TOTALLY amazing! I've never seen anything so like it. It would be a delight to eat of those plates in such a beautiful setting.

  2. How very interesting! I love the water flowing down the channel onto the circle of pebbles. And all those symbols strewn around!

  3. Oh that's just great. Now I am going to have to build one of those tables.
    Seriously, that is amazing and I am so inspired! Thank you for sharing this.

  4. That's a beautifully designed garden. I love the table with greens all around and water that flows down to the pebbles. Must be music to the diners' ears.

  5. Wonderful and thank you for sharing. I had so hoped to get there, but time just didn't allow as I am busy on the east coast. I will get out west later this year!

  6. This is just stunning and a feast for the eyes. I love garden art, and even the charred sapling are beautiful in this setting.

  7. Is that a live salad bar? What a great dea for a vibrant, sunny climate. I like the shadows falling over the blue-grey slate but I'm not so sure about the charred saplings. They could stop the garden being a place to unwind and recharge and make it a place to bite your nails and worry about the future instead.

  8. wow, somepeople are so talented! How cool to have that in your back garden.

  9. Superb!! This is my kind of garden ;) appealing to all our senses
    Big Hug Alice

  10. Hello all,
    It's been great to share vignettes from the Late Show Gardens with cohorts from far and near. So glad you've enjoyed the posts!!
    There is more to follow when I have time.
    Charlotte, do let me know if you visit the Bay Area.
    Rosey and Yan,
    Your comments represent the split reactions I heard from people about the charred saplings. Not everyone's cup of tea, I might note. Kind of a 'love it' or ....not element.
    I may be away for a few days, but stay tuned!!

  11. Amazing garden exhibit. It is so nice to see plants displayed in an unusual way. I'd never have thought of charred saplings.

  12. Mary Delle,
    Have I mentioned how fond I am of your name:~) The same as my favorite Aunt, who spoiled me as a child. Bring on the ice cream & chocolate truffles!!

    btw... Waiting with bated breath to see if the exhibit becomes permanent.

  13. Hi Alice,
    I spoke with Suzanne this afternoon ( she is exhausted ! ) and the exhibit is not going to become permanent.
    Don't want to get into why it is not here on a blog.
    You might see this design set up next month at the Green Conference at Ft. Mason center and Suzanne is in informal talks with the museum of modern art.

    This was my favorite design out of the whole show.


  14. Michele, Appreciate the update!
    I'll stay abreast as to whether Future Feast reappears in another locale.
    Suzanne must be ready to collapse. These shows demand such incredible effort and this garden pushed the limits, in the best ways.

  15. Very thought-provoking. I'm only recently coming to appreciate how good plant/garden design expands the mind and the soul.

  16. I love this. Beautiful, inventive, multi-sensory. And, I should add, inspiring in every sense of the word.