Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Late Show Gardens - Visual Impact ... Art

Resting Dragon by Stephen Glassman

The site-specific installation arises from a grassy expanse in John Greenlee's 
Mediterranean Meadow Garden.

Materials: Planed and stained, and natural bamboo; stone; gambions.

After the Fall
....a sculptural installation by sculptor and award-winning landscape architect, Jack Chandler.
Chandler breaks new ground at The Late Show Gardens, moving away from the picturesque, contemporary settings designed by the firm of Chandler & Chandler.
Chandler pulls no punches here, offering up a design "not drenched in fantasy, but ...the reality of a world warmed and polluted by our own hands."

The artist, Simple's lighthearted creation made from harvested grasses.
Simple's Horticultural Art Gallery is located in Douglasville, PA.

Succulents & Stone 

Complementary and contrasting - shapes, textures and alluring color:
Displays from Artefact Design & Salvage, 
on the grounds of Cornerstone Sonoma.


  1. I like the tall wooden sculptures the most... Certainly wouldn't turn them down if someone offered them to me :)

  2. Thought-provoking and successful as it manages to make this water logged gardener think about drought. Was v. excited to realise I had seen a Kate Frey garden before, the one and only time I went to Chelsea in 2005. I even have pics because I loved the colours of her wild flower meadow. Yan, feeling connected.

  3. The grass 'people' were talked about in this month's Fine Gardening. Not sure about this type of garden art.
    I do like the sedum in the containers.

  4. Hi Hermes,
    Glad you enjoyed the range of artwork at the Show...

    Liz, One of my friends found Chandler's installation to be a standout, too.

    Yan, How neat that you saw Kate's garden & have your photos to remind you of its charm. The garden was well received and deservedly so!!

    Janet, Simple's work does not resonate for me, if you refer to the figurative sculpture pictured. Greenlee's meadow and Glassman's bamboo sculpture engage the senses when you interact with them.
    But we all have our own inclinations, n'est pas :~D
    The range of succulents, containers, and objects at Artefact would entice most anyone, I do believe.....!

  5. These are BEAUTIFUL objects. I really like the art - and the bowl of succulents is just perfect. After the Fall sounds/looks very thought-provoking. I just love being able to see all these places and works of art through your visits.

  6. Wendy,
    What would our lives be without art! Especially surrounding us on a daily basis, and not just when we have time to visit museums. So glad you enjoyed the post.