Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hudson River Valley .. Eliasson at Bard College Pt 2

The Parliament of Reality - Part II
Photos:  Deborah Esrick
Environmental artwork created by Olafur Eliasson
at Bard College
Hudson River Valley, NY
Summer  2009
Bluestone island, dolomite boulders, circular pond, trees, & latticework tunnel.
A garden landscape for contemplation and dialogue.
Photos: Deborah Esrick
Link to Part I:


  1. thats a nice looking bridge with a modern looking arch. Wonder a trailing plant on them make it look more glorious.

  2. I think the 4th picture is the best capture. I too am imagining how it will look as a trelis for a great blooming vine.

  3. What an interesting structure. It does create some super shadows.

  4. I think it would be spoiled by using it as a vine support. It is a beautiful object on its own. Not everything needs a plant to make it better.

  5. I've enjoyed reading your comments and thank you all for taking time to let me know you dropped by.

    The idea of growing vines on this steel structure has me recalling the striking form of L'Umbracle, designed by Santiago Calatrava for The City of Arts & Sciences in Valencia, Spain.

    I wrote a number of features about Valencia's Turia Gardens, which meander along to the 'City' and its futuristic buildings.
    Here's a link to a post with a photo of L'Umbracle:

    I mention it because Calatrava originally planned to have flowering vines scrambling up the structure. But the sun and the heat can be intense in Valencia, and the plants were never able to wend their way up the hot steel structure.

    In the case of Eliasson's latticework tunnel, the overall design is minimal & austere, yet the perfect sum of its parts.
    I tend to agree with Susan. I think the installation fits the environment 'as is,' sans vines.

    Stay warm, everybody!

  6. I love it...I wonder what it looks like in winter snow covered grounds? gail

  7. Gail,
    This will be the first year since it was completed. It will be interesting to see the snow surrounding the clear water ... assuming the pond does not freeze. But then again, it probably is cold enough. Does that mean the Bardians will get out their ice skates?
    Naw, if they can't swim, they can't skate :~D