Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vertical Gardens ... A Reprise

 PingMag photo: December 8, 2006

For French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier Patrick Blanc created a ‘Robe Végétale’.

PingMag.jp/ ceased publication on December 31, 2008.

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  1. I have the exact same robe de vegetale , only in variegated chartreuse foliage colors.

  2. That is really quite beautiful... she looks like a goddess ... of the earth.

  3. I wore that once. But it was slippery and steep when I lost my grip.

  4. oooh, I was so excited when I saw this title, but wans't expecting this!! :) Guess gardening is fashionable too!

  5. Words fail me.... It is so unique and it is beautiful. I appreciate you showing us alternate forms of how plants are used. It is so enlightening.

  6. Very cool trend in fashion, no? Fun times but could be a touch too brisk for the current weather!

  7. love this; gardening is so terrbly fashionable darling, though i only ever end up wearing muck!

  8. OMG!!!
    OKAY, Now THIS is something I can GET BEHIND!!!

    Once I was invited to do a piece for a flower show, so I made a wig out of Love Lies Bleeding and wore it for the opening. I looked like I had a head full of bright red dreadlocks. It was one of my creative highpoints!

    It is just natural that I would love Patrick Blanc's work!

    Thank you for exposing me to this beautiful dress - I may have a new costume for Friday night.

  9. What about accessories? A watering can for a purse...maybe gardening gloves :) That is something else! :)thanks for posting!

  10. Michelle,
    Stylish you are! With an exceptional eye for excellence, evident in all your designs.

    Might we form a 'goddess of the earth' clique? Perhaps gather once or twice a year to have our own fashion show?? Imagine the gowns we'd create!

    I seem to recall seeing you in it, before you went flying: You have great legs!

    Good thing that I'm able to throw a surprise or two your way ;~)
    Mais oui, ma petite, gardening and fashion = a fine marriage.

  11. Janet,
    Oooo lala just about sums it up! Soon the gown will appear in my dreams: and this weary gardener will morph into the goddess of flora. Stand-by:)

    My station in life, at this point in time: to highlight the unique & beautiful.
    Such fun to share these treasures with you!

  12. I am speechless. When i saw the title of post, i had not thought what would come across.

  13. That's super interesting. As she's breathing out CO2, those plants are emitting oxygen. Full circle =) Man.. imagine if she was wearing lettuce.. that would have the potential to be the full life cycle.

  14. How beautiful - she looks like a goddess of the forest.

    (I wonder if I should wear such a gown next time I paint a mural :)

  15. Heather,
    If you were to decide to cavort in the garment at this time of year, please do so indoors, in front of a blazing fire, but don't get too close to the flames!!

    Jim, Unable to stop guffawing since I read your comment yesterday morning ;~0

    Only we muck-covered gardeners can fully appreciate such a sublime outfit. In contrast to our dirty fingernails and battered limbs from working hard to grow our food and cultivate our flowers, my dear one.

    Is there anything I can offer, my firstborn son, perhaps, to get you to share a photo of yourself in your love lies bleeding hair adornment?
    Name your price, sweetie!!

  16. Do ya think I'll see that outfit at Fantasy Fest this year?

  17. And yet you look in my closet, and all I have is a fig leaf...

  18. Hi Amy,
    I'm thinking you could come up with a pretty cool handbag based on a watering can! And I have form-fitting pale green gardening gloves (a gift/can't recall the brand) that would enhance the ensemble further!

    I, too, was speechless the first time I gazed upon this confection of a dress :-0

    What an astute scientific take on a work of art/flora!
    As for the lettuce: I think it would be beyond fun to hang out in your brain for a few days!!

    Imagine the press you'd receive! All you need do is assemble a wardrobe similar to this gown by Blanc for the avant-garde Monsieur Gautier... and wear it while painting your murals. A guaranteed cover on People magazine, and maybe Vogue!

  19. You know, not one person commented on the fact that Jean-Paul Gaultier has consistently presented new and subversive ideas within the context of fashion design for more than 30 years. Gaultier had to first invite Patric Blanc to create this. He is a genius working with another genius. It's not all about the green.

  20. Scott,
    'Fantasy Fest'.... do tell? Should I google it?

    Miss R,
    As usual, you've added a salient point to the mix. I, myself, had only brought Monsieur Gaultier's name up again in a recent response, & .... horrors, spelled his name wrong, at that.

    Doubtless, the combination of Gaultier and Blanc - 2 brilliant and creative minds, resulted in this another over-the-top runway vision.