Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mysterious & Strangely Alluring - Carnivorous Plants

Nepenthes - the weird beauty of pitcher plants - on display at California Carnivores, Sebastopol: the premiere U.S. nursery for carnivorous plants and a destination featured in my book,
 Gardenwalks in California .. an INSIDERS' GUIDE.
Stunning plants in every way.


Cape Sundew (Drosera capensis... its hairy leaves produce a sticky sap, bewitching to insects.

Nepenthes ... A tropical pitcher plant: "Nepenthes .. Euphoria (its reputed drug property)." Quote from The Names of Plants by D. Gledhill, Cambridge University Press - acquired on a memorable visit to Cambridge, England

Sarracenia ... native to Eastern United States and Canada.

Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid
The owner of Cal Carnivores, Peter D'Amato is the author of The Savage Garden.
Peter's working on a revision of this best-seller.
Sarracenia show-stopper! A hybrid specimen of an American pitcher plant.

The color I find most alluring these days... chartreuse!

Gorgeous color interaction: Live sphagnum moss growing with carnivorous Cobra Lily,
the California Pitcher Plant (Darlingtonia californica)

A brightly patterned Bromeliad ... not carnivorous.
Aechmea 'Ensign'?

Mexican butterwort ... Pinguicula 'Oaxaca'

Pinguicula gigantea
Recurring theme? I am strongly attracted to chartreuse foliage!

A visitor dropped by while we were having lunch at HopMonk Tavern.

Cape Sundew on display at Cal Carnivores.

Propagation Area - Cal Carnivores
Once again, we see kiddie pools utilized in horticulture!
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  1. Hi Alice - some really interesting photos of plants I've never seen in my life - quite stunning - not sure they'd grow too well here in France! Do love the photo of the little bird and the purple Buddlea too... hope you have a good week - Miranda

  2. I have grown the pitcher plant, but was not very good with the Venus Flytrap. I love the color of the foliage of these plants. Beautiful!

    I am a fool for bromiliads.

  3. Hi Miranda,
    Tropical carnivorous plant might need to be brought indoors during the colder months. Hummingbirds never fail to delight... Thanks for stopping by!

    I'd love to hear more about your experiences with these plants. The colors are so enticing!!

  4. very cool plants! perfect to go with the Halloween weekend. i really love your shots with the hummingbird! allison

  5. I had few of the pitcher plants before but they are not long-lasting. Enjoyed your pictures very much.

  6. I love your photos, Alice, perfect for Halloween, too! I've tried several Venus fly-traps (when the kids beg for them...) but they always get an icky black fungus on them...but they're so worth it for the 3 weeks of fun! Not much luck with pitcher plants either...but again, they're worth it for their beauty alone!

  7. I'm so envious that you're so close to California Carnivores! I'm glad to hear that a new edition of The Savage Garden is in the works. Peter D'Amato's book is up there with the best books on the subject.

  8. I enjoyed the photos of these interesting and colorful plants. I must admit however that these things give me the creeps. I guess I saw one to many monster movies as a kid. I just couldn't ever trust these guys in my garden. I'd be nervous all the time. LOL
    Fanstastic shot of the hummer! I just love those tiny little feet dangling there.

  9. Alice,Thanks for the tour. Carniverous plants have always fasinated me. Your images are superb.

  10. I don't have any carnivores but find them most interesting. Love the hummer hanging around!

  11. Thanks for the visit and nice comment on my post about Mini Cruise on the Oslo Fjord!

    What a great blog you have and what lovely photos. These kind of flowers are quite exotic for a Norwegian you know!

    Btw: Since you like travel and plants, you might like to read my post about the Botanical Garden in Oslo.

  12. Hi Alice Weird and wonderful and fascinating plants. Great post (as usual). Cheers, catmint

  13. Enjoyed the contrast between the chartruese sphagnum moss and that cobra lily. These carnivorous plants are really fascinating. Not sure I'd want to try kitty always eats my plants, but in this case, I'm not sure what would happen...!!
    Love your shots of the hummer...mid air captures are what I'd like to get better at.

  14. Allison,
    The hummer was a ham for the camera ;~D

    I've yet to try pitcher plants... glad you enjoyed the photos!

    sweet Rebecca,
    Always delighted when you stop by! Fungus? Not so good. The pitchers are gorgeous enough to be enjoyed even if briefly. Interesting that these plants are not always happy campers when brought home.

    lostlandscape, James, my friend,
    Peter must find the time to do a revision because it is a really great book, one of the very best resources!

    Hi LeSan,
    Too creepy for you, huh? Glad the hummer brought a bit of light and joy to the post balance things out ;^) (stay away from those monster movies...they'll follow you to bed at night!)

  15. Hi, Alice - Those are mysterious and strangely alluring plants! I bet my boys would love those plants, too. I'm sure your book is beautiful! I think I need to start traveling :) -Amy

  16. Hi Scott and Janet, catmint and Jan,

    Glad you enjoyed this group of 'strangely alluring' plants. They seem to have a hypnotic effect!

    Oslo awaits... one of these days!!

    My book is mainly text with line drawings, it has a small profile so it can be carried along when out for a day of garden touring.
    For photos, you must read my blog ...or my articles in magazines and newspapers ;~)

    Thanks for popping by!

  17. I've not explored the world of carnivorous plants, so this post was most interesting-- and beautiful. Yes, they are alluring, but have a beauty all their own.