Sunday, January 10, 2010

21st Century Gardens .. at the Marin Art and Garden Center

21st Century Gardens: Movements, Trends, Projects 
A Presentation on Landscape as Art.

This Thursday I'll be presenting a talk to the Garden Society of Marin.
My musings on landscape at art will braid together gardens designed by Ossart & Maurieres,
land artist Alain Idoux, 
and tree sculptor - work pictured above - Marc Nucera: the subject of a recent book.

My talk takes place at 7:30 p.m. at the Marin Art & Garden Center 
Arrive early and you can stroll through the lovely gardens on this historic property.
Photo: San Francisco Chronicle - for my Garden Walks Column.
To read more about the MAAGC gardens in Ross, California,
link below to one of my San Francisco Chronicle  

Another contemporary space that has been featured on Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel

gives rise to compelling design elements that are highlighted in the presentation,
along with major private gardens in Provence created in the new millennium. 


  1. aloha,
    any possibility that someone can video the talk for you, i would love to hear it alice

  2. Neat! That's just a quick dash across the bridge from me. It would be so lovely to meet you in person, Alice! Consider my calendar circled!

  3. Christine
    If you can make... that would be super! Would surely love to tweet-up/meet-up ;-))
    You can email from my profile if you'd like to contact me directly!

  4. Noel
    Very cool idea... I'll see what I can do... thanks!

  5. Wish I could be there! Marc Nucera's work is fascinating,, and I am sure it would be interesting learning about all the all the featured garden artists.

  6. How clever the members of the Marin Garden Society are for having you speak. Of course we all know how inspiring a talk from you would be from visiting your blog over the last year. I only wish I could be there. Not that you need it but best of luck with your presentation. It sounds very interesting Alice.

  7. Have a great presentation--you've previewed some stunning work here in your blog. It's an exciting time for people who appreciate interesting new directions in landscape!

  8. I'm sure it will be fantastic, wish I was up there to attend. Two of my favorite subjects....gardening & together as one....Wow.

  9. Hello Alice,

    So favorites are the Iris and the waterfall.

  10. The waterfall is interesting but not so sure about the blinds/curtains.

  11. OMG, Marc Nucera is a genius! Would love to be at your talk, just a little far. Good luck!

  12. Alice! When are you coming to good old N. Ireland ro give a talk???? Think on it - I'd be your biggest fan and you'd have to sign my t-shirt, hahaha. Oh, so jealous that your talk is so far away, I want to know more about you and your thoughts xxx
    Ps Tree pic at the start - wow

  13. I do wish ALL my blogosphere & cyber-friends could get together for this one. What a blast that would be, not to mention the extent to which we could DISCUSS...uh, banter about! the concepts and designs on view.

    Thanks for your moral support!