Friday, January 22, 2010

Radiant Respite .. Rancho La Puerta

Improbable but true to its 70-year history, the destination spa/retreat,
Rancho La Puerta evolved from an unembellished adobe hut.
One day I plan to visit!
To chill.. to tune out.. to leave my computer in quiet mode - a well-deserved  respite for me & my machine.
Rancho La Puerta engaged in organic gardening methods before the practice was popular. 
The nearby 6-acre organic farm, Rancho Tres Estrellas provides the fresh produce served to guests,
in beautifully presented repasts to entice all the senses.
Sustainability and conservation are high on the list of the Rancho's guiding principles, 
as they were in the beginning: In the 1940s, 
when founders Edmond and Deborah Szekely brought their vision for a 'health camp' to Baja California.
La Cocina - Photos courtesy, Rancho La Puerta
For now, I'm dreaming. 
Imagining the clear, brisk air surrounding Mount Kuchumaa, the peak spanning the Tecate border,
connecting the U.S. to Mexico while overlooking the 3,000-acre valley setting of Rancho La Puerta.
The Rancho - basking in the mountain's splendor.
A recent video narrated by Deborah Szekely chronicles Rancho La Puerta's development over 7 decades. 
A place where Aldous Huxley and like-minded notables were drawn to the writings and philosophy 
of the late Edmond Szekely. 
Look for the Video icon when clicking on the link below, to hear Deborah reveal the remarkable history of:


  1. I notice you didn't include the prices. :) Must be why it's still in the dream list, not reality! Could you wangle a press visit, maybe if their business is down in this economy? Looks pretty inviting, I hope you do get to go someday. That one photos shows the flowers as an absolutely endless river of color!

  2. Gorgeous landscapes and photographs ... visiting this paradise would be like being in heaven! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Alice, Take your laptop, we want to share your experience there. and your video camera! looks gorgeous
    regards Ian

  4. This looks remarkable and is completely unknown to me. A spa retreat sounds divine in dreary January.

  5. Lovely scenery and plants especially the first one.

  6. That river of color is a sight to behold!

  7. Wow - I was very cheeky and stole that photo of the pink river and have it as my desktop for now. The photo is a little small but it's the closest I'll get to something like that. Please go, maybe they'll invite you to do a review??? All expenses paid! A girl can dream... x

  8. Wow that river of flowers really does make you want to dive in, very clever.

    RO xx

  9. Morning, all!
    Waking on yet another gray, wet, rainy day, I'm ready to meditate upon these images for a much-needed break!

  10. My yoga instructor visited there late last year and had great things to say about the place. The inland foothills where it's located are spectacular on this side of the border as well.

  11. Gorgeous Pictures!! Makes me sad to be in Ohio right now ...

  12. wow, what a lovely retreat. i would love to plan this kind of trip some day. I love that photo with the swath of color.

  13. James,
    I now understand why your yoga instructor had great things to say about Rancho La Puerta - the foothills and Mount Kuchamaa lending a most powerful sense of place to the environment. You're fortunate to be close to the protected open space on the U.S. side of the border, for hiking and observing the ecosystem year-round.

    A visit should go on the top of your life list! Go with a girlfriend, or someone close to you and I can safely promise a rare and wonderful experience will be enjoyed;-)

    I hope the warmth of these images will heat up your home, and maybe even melt some snow!!