Thursday, January 21, 2010

Garden Idyll in Italy .. Sermoneta Overlooking Ninfa

Highlights from my garden idyll in Italy appeared on Bay Area Tendrils in 2009 
and the Sacred Wood of Bomarzo
however ... to write about Ninfa is another story.
With a history spanning the first century and extending to a uniquely vibrant landscape of the present day,
the magical setting of Ninfa exacts a thoughtfully rendered chronicle.
And so, I shall be offering glimpses of the setting and its rich history.

Hotel Principe Serrone - Sermoneta, Italy 

A delightfully out-of-the-way Medieval hill town: the nearest train station is in the city of Latina,
capital of the province of Lazio; some 40 miles south of Roma. 
Gazing out from my window at Hotel Principe Serrone, 
I could see Ninfa's ancient towers in the valley beyond.
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  1. Wow. Just wow. I'm trying to figure out how to fit a cobblestone castle in my backyard now!

  2. Ninfa is another one on my list. I recently read an article about it, but I can't remember where that was. Year's ago I took a small slim volume entitled simply Ninfa out of the library and fell in love.

  3. I just came across you on twitter and now am enjoying your blog.Thank you for the inspiration. Planning another Serendipity Traveler trip to Italian gardens and must see if we can visit Ninfa.What a gem!

  4. Enchanting! the village looks so vulnerable sitting beneath the large mountain. I look forward to the ... to be continued. ;>)

  5. Amazing, I recently told another blogger that Ninfa would be one of my top gardens to visit, if I could see that part of the world. I saw photos in a magazine years ago, and I still have the magazine. The pictures were stunning, one of the most romantic gardens in the world! I am anxiously awaiting your future posts!

  6. This was a view from your hotel? Beautiful.

  7. Italy is top on my list of countries I want to visit. The scenery in your photos are so beautiful.

  8. Hmmm ~ that just might have to be added to my bucket list!! Too nice!

  9. I believe Ninfa to be a dream. I have yet to visit. I so look forward to your writing about it. Italian gardens are, in my view, probably without equal.

  10. Ninfa is my all-time # 1 garden to visit if I ever get across the pond again.

  11. Reference to Ninfa conjures up the ultimate garden experience for many Italy lovers and garden aficionados. I'll soon be writing a follow-up feature.
    Enjoying your comments! As we begin to move through the seasons of 2010.... Cheers, Alice