Friday, January 15, 2010

Samuel Taylor State Park, Marin County

Indian paintbrush / Castilleja affinis
One of the wildflowers found growing in Samuel Taylor State Park.

Taylor State Park - located 15 miles west of San Rafael off Highway 101 -
Central San Rafael exit, not far from San Francisco.

Taylor State Park became lost in the glow of 
yesterday's anniversary post.
Approach the park along Sir Francis Drake, driving through groves of towering redwoods
that embrace sections of the roadway.
Listed on the California State Parks website, the park encompasses hiking, biking & nature trails, places to picnic, and campsites.


  1. This is a weird question, Alice, but is there a really old graveyard in that park? I get my Marin locations mixed up these days, since I don't get to go back there much anymore. Just remember stumbling upon one years ago and it was really spooky, even in daylight! Now can't remember where. Congrats on your anniversary, now off to read that post! Cheers - Karen

  2. What a beautiful place that is. I actually visited San Rafael a very long time ago. It is such a nice area. by the way, Happy one year! Good for you.

  3. I just love those trees with all the lichen and moss growing over them. Reminds me of the woods around here in Scotland. Who needs a compass when you know that the lichen only grows on the north facing parts of a tree.

  4. Lovely trees and the reflection in the water looks great

  5. Hey there girl !
    Happy anniversary !! and what a nice way to celebrate it with such a gorgeous place .. if only I could get up and walk out into these pictures .. now that would be heavenly : )
    Congrats on the year !!
    Joy : )

  6. There's my girl Joy up there (hugs).
    That looks gorgeous and boy I'd love to see a real live redwood tree. I need a holiday!! Bogged down in house moving and decorating our temporary home - I need sunshine and nature.

  7. Hey Karen,
    You've piqued my curiosity ... an old graveyard? I'll have to look into it.
    I still sort of a newbie here.

    You're due for a visit ;-)

    Isn't lichen the coolest! Something we share with Scotland? Now that's even cooler!!

    Joanne, Joy, Carrie,
    would love to take a stroll along one of the wooded paths with all of you in-tow.
    xo Alice

  8. I would love to share your walk but my travelling is done in my head these days via the computer but for my Birthday treat my daughter is taking me to see Monet's garden.

  9. My daughter and I used to peruse the (apparently) barren hillsides in Reno's foothills and find loads of Indian Paintbrush on the Spring. It was odd - we could come home with humongous bouquets of every color in the world. Indian Paintbrush always felt like such a great find. Still a fave of mine and nearly impossible to plant successfully.