Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garden Folly for the New Millennium- 2010 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

The Living Room ... Organic Mechanics
San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2010
James Pettigrew and Sean Stout, designers ... aka Organic Mechanics
create consistently fresh and innovative designs.

The Organic Mechanics 2010 show garden is no exception:
The Living Room seems calculated to captivate the senses, and in the manner of visionary work, provokes discourse. The elements came together in ways that challenged me to consider the scope and language of modern garden design. An experience I celebrate in design that looks forward, not back.

A detail of the building's circular watery surround, enlivened by shiny blue glass spheres - The Living Room is a garden folly that takes the the form of a cube, with exterior walls outfitted in a panoply of richly textural succulents. You're drawn to enter across a small circular moat, accessed via large stepping stones (repurposed aged griding wheels, if I'm right).

Tongue-in-cheek, the designers suggest thinking outside the box in their description of the design. Thinking, rather, "around the box." The entryway presents an inviting contrast, with the warm tones of natural wood
outlining the doorway.

A peek inside, where the table setting presents an inviting tableau,
and the impact of a stunning chandelier is enhanced by its mirror image.
Notice the pop of turquoise showing up on the right.....?

Detail showing a corner of the folly & shallow circular watery surround.

Step inside....
Text Color
An engaging shade of turquoise makes the rectangular window cut-outs pop!

Gold Meadow Award Winning Garden
2010 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show
Link to cool youtube video:
San Francisco Flower & Garden Show & The Living Room


  1. Wow, that's beautiful!

    That doorway is beautiful. Could you walk into it?

  2. A fairy tale house! I want one of those in my woodland garden, on a small scale, just right for fairies. Is it possible? Can I do that? Maybe! Alice, you have given me an idea. Thanks!

  3. Alice:
    Indeed this takes garden design to new levels - I am very intrigued! I too love the watery surround, and that entrance way- I can envision this 'room' as a permanent structure within a woodland garden as well, covered with moss. lichen and ferns. Might lead one to want to live in a similar structure with a clear plastic roof! Ok, now I'm dreaming! Great post, thanks!

  4. Those light fixtures... wait, am I drooling?! How embarrassing!

  5. Mr BT,
    Yes, indeed! As fabulous inside as out!

    To-die-for, right?

  6. Teza my dear,
    I do believe we're on the same page: Woodland or in sunshine, would love to hang out with you in The Living Room!

  7. Deb
    I'd better receive an invite to the fairy house... or you may never hear from me again;~D

  8. Oh thank you Alice! I knew I could count on you to give us a preview... Interesting design. I'll have to see that for real to have an opinion.

  9. Oh oh I want one, even a wee one!!! Love love love it! Thanks for the extensive photos - happy folly, makes me want to hug those designers xx

  10. Wow! really really wow!!! I want this in my house. I love it. :) Very interesting indeed. Works of Art...

  11. Alice, You really captured this wonderful show garden--thank you! It was one of my two favorites.

  12. oh my god, that's sooo freaking cool! I love the color, shapes, and "thinking around the box". It's so lush - and organic mechanics is so incredibly clever. Loved this!

  13. TM, Carrie, TTP, DP ....and last but not least, Wendy,

    Wish we could all have gathered together round the table inside this incredible structure to share a meal, a glass of wine,
    and GARDEN TALK!