Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wildflower Walk .. Mt. Tamalpais .. Marin County

Pacific Coast Iris ... quite tiny but what a presence!
Wildflower season on the trails around Mt. Tamalpais, and Marin County's Bon Tempe Lake.

Lemon yellow blooms ... Coast sun cup, perhaps.

Mt Tamalpais

Alligator lizard: Didn't mean to frighten you!

Life cycle of the woodland: A stumpery to please Prince Charles.

Abstraction: Rusty orange rock face.

Baby blue ... brightening a shady spot.
Cynoglossum grande


  1. A beautiful wildflower walk should be the title...Thank you for taking us along~~gail

  2. Hiya,
    Lovely colours.
    The orange bits on the wood look more like coral fungus to me, rather than a type of lichen. Very contagious, so I hope you didn't bring a little bit of it home :-)
    Ecology conscious Prince Charles imported his stumpery stumps from Scotland, which doesn't sit well with me somehow. Still, he probably means well.
    My own stumpery has disintegrated after a decade. I tried growing little sedums on it without a grain of success :-)
    Par for the course.

  3. What a lovely day of little surprises! Glad to see the lizards and pretty flowers are starting to wake up.

  4. Hello all,

    I stand corrected: Certainly the coral fungus is not a lichen -
    Bedazzled by my nature walk and not thinking clearly!

    The fungus grows happily at home here in California; I would never think of
    transporting anything living from UK to here or vice versa.

    Little did I realize the Prince's stumps were from Scotland.
    Such a glorious land. Are there photos of your former stumpery online.. joco?

  5. Love the stumpery. Imagine there is a host of interesting activity going on inside there.
    I love Forget-Me-Nots. I have the annual that reseeds everywhere....and one lone perennial.

  6. Are you sure that forget-me-not isn't in fact Hound's tongue, cynoglossum grande?
    Am at work - will return to read the whole post after work ceases!! Thanks for greeting us at the SF show. If only I could remember which visitor to the booth you were - argh! So sorry!

  7. CM
    No doubt you've identified the Hound's tongue, Cynoglossum grande - I was having a heck of a time arriving at the correct I.D. and by default, came up with forget-me-not! We met at Rebecca's party... by the way;-)
    The day before the flower show. Cheers! Alice