Friday, May 28, 2010

Alliums .. Mosaics and A Park Created by Children

Waterloo Millennium Green - May .. London

We found ourselves on the South Bank with a bit of free time while awaiting an afternoon performance of The Real Thing at The Old Vic.

Waterloo Millennium Green presented an inviting parkland to explore.

A proud resident of the neighborhood took Tom aside to explain that the park had been created
by local school children.


  1. illums are the best I love 'purple sensation' it's diffentaely the best ever. I shall always have them in my garden and I always keep the seed heads and fill my posh Belleek wedding present vases with them :)

  2. I am a California gardener too, and was visiting Galloping Gardener's blog when he mentioned you. I came over to say hi, and am following you now.

  3. I bet children could always design really nice gardens. You'd get the most whimsical, interesting plants without any over-analysis that an adult would probably have about it!

  4. Carrie, sweet Carrie,
    I can picture your posh Belleek vases with bunches of allium seed heads!
    This is a bulb I've had not luck growing, by the way :-(


    I wish I'd had more opportunity to learn about the children's experiences with this garden. I can surely picture them digging about, planting and laughing with joy!